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Things Most People Get Wrong About Trees

November 15th 2015

Things Most People Get Wrong About Trees (Crystal A. Proxmire, Nov. 15, 2015) Trees. Everyone has them or lives near them. Yet there are many mistakes people make in their care. Pleasant Ridge residents were recently treated to a seminar on trees that can help people in any community understand the nature of these beautiful, […]

Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Green Thumb Guy, Kris Lieber

April 1st 2012

It’s hard to picture Green Thumb Garden Center owner Kris Lieber donning a suit and punching a corporate clock every day, but that’s what life was like before he opened the budding garden supply business at 22963 Woodward. The 33-year-old entrepreneur used to be a clinical engineer responsible managing the Biomedical Engineering department at several hospitals for a large corporate health system.

Houseplants that can Improve Your Health

March 1st 2011

When it comes to air quality, many homes and buildings today are built all wrong from the ground up. Builders start with man-made construction materials and then add synthetic flooring, laminated counter-tops, and wallpaper coated with plastic, not to mention the chemical adhesives that hold it all together. These materials “off-gas” pollutants into the air…