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Comedy Central Goes Forward with “Detroiters”

January 26th 2016

Comedy Central Goes Forward with “Detroiters” (Michigan Film Office Press Release, Jan. 26, 2016) Detroit, MI – In the end, it just had to be Detroit. Comedy Central has selected Detroit as the backdrop for its upcoming series, “Detroiters,” a comedy series that follows the travails of two small-time advertising men who produce low-budget, off-beat […]

Ferndale: Woman Organizing Tiny Living Community, Hosting Film Screening July 16

June 28th 2015

Ferndale: Woman Organizing Tiny Living Community, Hosting Film Screening July 16 (Debbie MacLean Rossman, June 28, 2015) About 4-5 years ago, Matt and I lost our house. I had some medical issues and quit working abruptly. Going to one income was not enough for us to make it and our income was too high for assistance. That […]

Senator Gregory Presents FHS Graduate Natalie Berger…

July 24th 2012

“My inspiration for the video is what the face of a young person’s mind might look like—putting together images, music and colors that come to mind when I think of the embodiment of a young, starry-eyed mind with dreams for the future,” said Ferndale High School graduate

M-1 Studios: Makin’ Money Makin’ Movies

January 15th 2012

But what you may not realize is that it’s yet another Ferndale company working behind the scenes to make those clips happen. From concept to upload, M-1 Studios know how to give small business owners the medium for their message to shine. Plus they have a story all of their own.

Filming in Ferndale

February 3rd 2011

Last November the Ferndale Film Festival attracted thousands of visitors to Downtown Ferndale to view 36 independent films at multiple venues along Woodward Ave. and 9 Mile Road. In addition to attracting customers into the restaurants, bars, and stores, The Ferndale Film Festival raised $3,000 for neighborhood charities.

Film Festival rolls out Red Carpet – Nov. 4-7

November 1st 2010

The Ferndale Film Festival is rolling out the red carpet for filmmakers in its second year, celebrating independent film with screenings of a catalog of films including features, shorts, and documentaries from Australia, England, Germany, Canada, and the United States at diverse locations all over Ferndale. Thursday, November 4th marks opening night at the Magic Bag Theatre and the awards ceremony and final screening rounds up the weekend on Sunday November 7th.

Getting F.I.T. for New Michigan Jobs

March 15th 2010

As s3 Entertainment Group begins its second year of Film Industry Training (F.I.T.), previous students gear up for the 2010 filming season here in Michigan. S3 is part production company, part school – with many students stepping up to take paying jobs with s3 or other productions that s3 connects them with.