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End of Prohibition Party Got Jugs Full of Money for Charity

December 8th 2012

The money raised goes to the Ferndale Goodfellows, a longstanding organization that helps needy families in Ferndale at Christmastime. Organized through the Ferndale Fire Department, gifts are collected or purchased for children, including toys and clothing. Families are given food, and Seniors are also presented with presents by the firemen.

Council Approves Backyard Fires

October 15th 2012

Before City Council voted to approve allowing backyard fire pits in Ferndale, they did their research and considered a variety of opinions. Fire Chief Kevin Sullivan worked with City Attorney Dan Christ to draft an ordinance that addressed potential concerns and set up regulations, which was approved on Oct. 8, 2012.

Medical Emergency Blocks W. 9 Mile

December 22nd 2011

Medical Emergency Blocks W. 9 Mile (Crystal A. Proxmire, 12/22/2011) West 9 Mile was blocked for about 20 minutes as a fire engine, a police car, and an ambulance responded to reports of a man passed out in the back of a gray Dodge Durango.  The rescue happened at about 4:30 in the evening. Traffic […]

Candles Cause Fire on Rosewood

July 12th 2011

The Ferndale Fire Department responded this morning at 3:20 am to a house fire
in the 1000 block of Rosewood. Upon arrival firefighters were met with flames
venting from the living room windows. The fire …

Kitchen Fire on W. Hazelhurst

March 14th 2011

At approximately 8:30 am this morning the Ferndale Fire Department responded to house fire in the 700 block of W. Hazelhurst . A carelessly discarded cigarette ignited waste materials in a kitchen trash can

Tools of the Trade in the Ferndale Fire Department

January 12th 2011

When Dennis Warrilow began working at the Ferndale Fire Department nearly 25 years ago, some of the equipment for rescuing people and putting out fires was not as advanced as it is today. But yet, many of the tools of the firefighter’s trade are basics that have saved lives for over a hundred years. At the FPD they use a combination of old school gear, new technology, manpower and a whole lot of water to keep homes and people safe.

Angry Girlfriend Arsonist Convicted

September 8th 2010

An angry girlfriend arsonist was convicted Tuesday in Oakland County Circuit Court of setting her boyfriend’s home on fire on July 8, 2009.