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Motorcity Nightmares Film Festival Brings Ravenous Fun to Novi

June 2nd 2018

Motorcity Nightmares Film Festival Brings Ravenous Fun to Novi (Sam Gurwin, June 2, 2018) Novi, MI – As the day wearies, the creatures began to stir. And if this were a good horror films, panning across the field of vision at the Novi Sheraton Hotel would show an eclectic crowd of the zombies, monsters and […]

Help Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fan Carry on Web Show

July 23rd 2012

The negative reaction to the series led her to create her own as a way to dispel the myths about her fandom. “I do not eat pizza every day,” she says in her introductory video to Cowabunga Corner. …And while her collection and videos may attract some haters, Ivey is past the point of caring what anybody else thinks, recognizing the power of fictional characters to inspire and bring people together.

Keeping Cool

July 1st 2012

Oakland County Health Division cautions residents to protect themselves from heat related illness such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Read to find out how to stay safe, healthy and cool on hot days.

What Do You Think of My Children’s Birth Mothers?

November 25th 2011

I have come to realize that I love my children so much that I would make an adoption plan for them if I felt it was best for them. That is how much I believe in adoption.

Now, maybe it is hard for me to imagine how bad my circumstances would have to get for me to be driven to such a decision. But, thinking about what those extreme circumstances might help me to understand a little bit better just what factors go into such a decision for the women and families who do make the decision.