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Police Report: Officer Hit by Drunk Driver

August 25th 2012

One officer was walking across Breckenridge when a Dodge Durango turned from n.b. Woodward onto e.b. Breckenridge. The Durango headed for the officer who signaled and yelled for the vehicle to stop. The Durango continued and struck the officer.

Driver Hits Gage Studios

June 5th 2012

Tire tracks are still visible on the sidewalk, indicating that the driver narrowly missed the metal bench, waste barrel, and streetlight all in the same area. The vehicle was essentially stopped by an I-beam, though the impact took out a chunk of the wall and several windows.

19 Suspensions and 14 Convictions for Drunk Driver Caught Again

July 19th 2011

At about 12:30 a.m. a Ferndale officer arrested KEVIN GRAVES ( w/m, 31, Ferndale resident) for OWI 3rd. The officer observed Graves run a red light at Wanda/ Jarvis while driving a Chevrolet Cheyenne. The vehicle plate …