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Police Report: Administrator Injured, Five Arrested in Fight at DLC

March 1st 2013

The fight reportedly started as the result of students taunting each other. Administrators and staff in the school contained the fight; however it resulted in an injury to one administrator.

In the Dales, Talking Taft

November 17th 2012

…over 50 residents, including Digital Learning Center school staff, the school’s police liaison, and Mayor Dave Coulter, attended to hear presentations from Renee Hurd, school improvement Coordinator, Gary Meier, Ferndale school district representative, and Police Chief Tim Collins about school program changes and safety at the high school.

Six People Arrested in Fight at Taft (DLC)

October 25th 2012

Officers had to subdue one student by use of a TASER. Eventually six people were arrested for their involvement in the incident. Five of the males (three 18 years old, two 17 years old) are still in custody and a female (18) has been released pending further investigation.

Ferndale Schools Digital Learning Center Opens

September 6th 2012

Alternative Education has changed in Ferndale, with students no longer attending Taft Alternative Education. Instead 427Allen is home of the Digital Learning Center, an internet-based high school where students will do most of their learning online with the option of dropping in to the DLC for in-person help when they need it.