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Musicians Making it in the Digital Age

May 6th 2013

Erickson moderated while musician Chris Adolf of Bad Weather California, Jesse VonDoon of CASH Music, activist musician Cavem Moetevation and Public Enemy beat-maker and Grammy-nominated producer Hank Shocklee discussed the evolution of the music industry.

A Last Appeal: Onwards Towards Denver!

March 17th 2013

The National Conference for Media Reform is less than three weeks away! Thanks to advertising purchases by readers and local businesses I’ve raised almost enough money to be able to make it.

The Road to Denver, a Letter from the Publisher

January 14th 2013

In April 2013 there is a National Conference for Media Reform in Denver, where advocates for ethical journalism will gather to learn about issues affecting our profession. I am hoping to raise enough money to go to this conference, and bring whatever I learn back to Michigan, and to Ferndale.