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Coal Country Showing at Transition Ferndale Jan. 16

January 13th 2013

…plenty of coal-powered plants remain. You can see some of them just by driving up M-29 from Algonac to Port Huron, where the St. Clair River makes it easy to deliver coal by barge.

Mountaintop removal may not seem like a local problem. It is certainly not the same acute problem for us that it is for someone living in West Virginia. Since some of our electricity is coming from coal mined by that process, then mountaintop removal is our problem, too

Clean Energy Rally Rocked 9 & Woodward

November 13th 2012

“Fracking looms on our horizon. Each “frack” of each well needs up to 5 MILLION gallons of water. Wonder where that water will have to come from? Look at your favorite Great Lake, your beloved rivers and trout streams, off the end of your cottage’s dock.”