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Raylon Leaks-May ~ School Board Candidate 2012

August 15th 2012

As a mother of young children, I plan to be involved in this district and community for a very long time. The Ferndale School district and community is blessed with strong parental involvement and the gift of diversity. I appreciate the gifts that this community has to offer and will advocate to see to it that this gem is preserved!

Amy Butters ~ School Board Candidate 2012

August 15th 2012

I have three daughters in Ferndale schools and I want to play a part in ensuring the quality of our district. I want to offer my skills that equip me to communicate clearly with all parties striving toward the common goal of a strong school district.

CLEAR Organizers Announce Public Info Meeting March 14

March 5th 2012

“Our Kick-Off Meeting March 14 will give us an opportunity to explain our mission and vision very fully, and we are hoping for a large group of interested participants at that meeting. Personally, I’d like people to know that this is an opportunity to offer feedback in a positive, productive way for our schools.”