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Video Interviews with Candidates for Troy City Council

August 1st 2020

Check out our video interviews with both candidates:

2020 Candidate Interview:  Ed Brakefield for Addison Township Trustee

July 5th 2020

Candidates for Trustee are Nick Barnhart, Ed Brakefield, incumbent Karen Geibel, incumbent Linda Gierak, incumbent Joel King, Charles Sargent, and incumbent Erich Senft.

2020 Candidate Interview:  Dan Cherrin for County Commissioner 18th District

June 30th 2020

In the race for County Commissioner of the 18th District there are two Democrats facing off in the Aug. 4, 2020 Primary:  Charlie Cavell and Dan Cherrin. 

2020 Candidate Interview: David Thomas for Bloomfield Twp Clerk

June 29th 2020

In the Aug. 4 Republican primary the candidates are Malissa Bossardet, Tom Smyly, and David Thomas.

2020 Candidate Interview: Patti Back for Groveland Township Clerk

June 28th 2020

For Groveland Township Clerk there are two candidates in the Republican Primary, incumbent Patti Back and Nichole Tollver.

2020 Candidate Interview: Crystal Bailey for State Rep. 27th District

June 23rd 2020

In the race for State Representative of the 27th District there are several candidates running in the Democratic Primary.

2020 Candidate Interview: Kelly Breen for State Rep 38th District

June 23rd 2020

In the race for State Representative of the 38th District the candidates are Democrat Kelly Breen and Republican Chase Turner.

Southfield Candidate Forum by League of Women Voters

October 7th 2019

Candidates are Nancy L. M. Banks, Constance Bell, Daniel Brightwell, LaTina Denson, Donald F. Fracassi, Sara Habbo, Jason Haskins, Amani Johnson, Ghana Goodwin-Dye, Tawanya L. Morris, and Tina Marie Poole.

Update for Candidates: Election Videos and Ad Deadline

October 2nd 2019

As the Nov. 5, 2019 Election Day draws near, there are a few updates about the work we’re doing here at Oakland County Times.

Video Interviews with Hazel Park School Board Candidates

November 3rd 2018

  Video Interviews with Hazel Park School Board Candidates Hazel Park, Ferndale, MI- In the Hazel Park School District there are five people running for three seats on the School Board. The district includes all of Hazel Park and a portion of Ferndale. Candidates are incumbents Laura Adkins,  Beverly Hinton,  and Rachel Noth. Also on […]