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New DPW Director Makes Himself at Home

December 5th 2012

If there was something in the water, Loyd Cureton would know about it. The new Department of Public Works Director cannot explain exactly what causes it, but he can see from his experiences as interim DPW Director that there is something special about the community.

Extra Special Street Signs

March 15th 2012

Observant Ferndale residents and visitors may have noticed the new street sign at Allen and W. Troy and wondered just how it got the name “Cupples Corner.” The white sign with blue lettering is affixed above the traditional green street signs that are standard throughout the city. Only in a few locations can the special white and blue ones be found.

Lessons in Leaf Pick Up, What You Need to Know

November 20th 2011

Though the service is a nice convenience for residents, it does come with some responsibility.