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Pleasant Ridge & Ferndale See Increased Thefts from Vehicles and Garages

December 14th 2015

Pleasant Ridge and Ferndale See Increased Thefts from Vehicles and Garages (Pleasant Ridge Police, alert sent out via Facebook, Dec. 14, 2015) Pleasant Ridge, MI – Last week Pleasant Ridge Police took a few reports of garages being entered and unlocked cars being rummaged through on the West side of the city. Officers have been […]

Police Report: Home Invasion Suspect Arrested in Redford (video)

October 23rd 2012

“The homeowner acted within his rights and will not be charged. A person has the right to defend themselves with deadly force from a burglar entering their home,” Lt. William Wilson said.

Watch the interview with the homeowner below and read our previous story for more details.

Burglars Busted Trying to Sell Laptop Back to Owner

June 28th 2012

The owner of the computer received a phone call from a man who offered to sell the victim back his computer. This man made arrangements to meet the victim in a parking lot. The victim notified the police and an officer posed as the victim to meet the suspect

Police Report: Burglar Goes in Through Window, Takes Computer

June 21st 2012

On 06/20/12 Ferndale Police investigated a report of an apartment that was burglarized on the 400 Block of W. Marshall. The point of entry on the burglary appeared to have been through a window that faced a porch area common to multiple apartments.