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Ferndale EGGstravaganza Events March 24

March 14th 2018

Ferndale EGGstravaganza Events March 24 FERNDALE, MI—Hippity-hop out to Ferndale’s local parks for the City Parks and Recreation Department’s annual EGGstravaganza event, scheduled to be held in partnership with Renaissance Vineyard Church on Saturday, March 24, between 12:30 and 3:00 p.m. The annual celebration includes opportunities for families with children under age 12 to hunt […]

Oswald and Cadbury, Bunnies on a Mission

August 25th 2012

“We can go anywhere and it makes people smile,” Miron said. “Earlier today someone stopped us on the street and said ‘thank you, I was having a bad day and this made a difference.'”

The pair even has their own Facebook Page where fans can follow them on their adventures.