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BASIC SIDE AD (144 x 360, tall and skinny)

10 placements per month

$95 monthly

$500 for 6 mo.

$875 for 12 mo.

BASIC DOUBLE UP (144x 360, tall and skinny)

20 placements per month

$150 monthly

$750 for 6 mo.

$1,115 for 12 mo.

SPECIAL SECTION SPONSORSHIPS (benefits vary by section.  Sections include Events, Arts, Jobs, City, and Candidate Interviews)

$3,000 for 6 mo.

$5,400 for 12 mo.

PREMIUM BANNERS  (600 x 160)

20 placements per month

$875 for 6 mo.

$1,500 for 12 mo.

When you advertise on Oakland County Times, you help the entire community thrive.  You support an essential part of democracy.  Plus you get your business seen by over 10,000 PEOPLE EACH DAY who specifically come to our website for local information.

Our rates are affordable for any size business. Reach a local audience without the clutter and costs of social media.

Our average readership (based on May, June & July 2018) is:

125,725 unique readers per month

3,498,332 hits per month

10,025 readers each day