The world needs quality journalism. Journalism that is fair and free of bias and pontification. Journalism that covers the nitty-gritty of community governance well also sharing with readers the goodness in the world around them. Oakland County Times is doing this. And we want you to be a part of it.

Advertising on Oakland County Times makes sense for small businesses and community groups. We have a steady and significant reach.  Each day we have an average of 10,000 readers.  Our monthly average is 117,000 readers. Our ads help you escape the clutter of print, and the scroll-past-factor of social media.

It is also a great way to show you are part of the community, and to support all the groups and projects that benefit from our work. Your advertising dollars stay local, and we love promoting the businesses that are part of our website.

Contact us at for more info or to sign up.

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BASIC  (2 inches by 5 inches, tall and skinny)

10 placements per month

$95 monthly

$500 for 6 mo.

$875 for 12 mo.

20 placements per month

$150 monthly

$750 for 6 mo.

$1,115 for 12 mo.

PREMIUM (8 inches by 2 inches, banner)

20 placements per month/ Large size ad

$875 for 6 mo.

$1,500 for 12 mo.


Contact us to set up a package that works for you!


~Who designs the ads?  That is up to you.  If you’d like us to do it there is no cost.  We can create samples based on your website and revise them from there based on your feedback.  Or you can send an ad as long as it’s the right size.

~What does “placement” mean?  Ads show up multiple times through the month and they are placed into various stories or feature pages.  If you buy a basic plan with 10 placements, your ad will appear in at least ten different stories or feature pages, spread out through the month.  The ads stay where they are placed, so if someone is reading a story from the past, the ads placed at the time are still there.

~Do the ads link to my website?  Yes, or they can link to a Facebook page or other site of your choosing.  If you are doing an event ad, you can have that link to a Facebook event, Eventbrite etc, or we can create an event post for you on OC Times to link to.

~What are the demographics of the readers?  Oakland County Times covers a wide range of topics, and a large/diverse county. Readership varies based on stories, and it is hard to parcel out which specific cities readers come from.  Our strongest areas are SE Oakland, followed by NW Oakland, but we are eagerly expanding to cover the entire county. In general, Oakland County Times readers are those who are coming to the site to actively seek out local information, making them more likely to be supporters of their communities, including local businesses.

~Can you do payment plans?  Advertisers can pay monthly with automatic online payments.  Otherwise we do require payment in full up because we need to focus our time on producing a good product, not chasing down payments.  We offer monthly, 6 month, and 12 month plans which reflect discounts for longer terms.

~How can we contact you to set up an ad, or with questions?  Please contact Editor & Publisher Crystal A. Proxmire at