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BASIC  (2 inches by 5 inches, tall and skinny)

10+ placements per month

$95 monthly

$500 for 6 mo.

$875 for 12 mo.

20+ placements per month

$150 monthly

$750 for 6 mo.

$1,115 for 12 mo.

PREMIUM (8 inches by 2 inches, banner)

16 placements per month/ Large size ad

$875 for 6 mo.

$1,500 for 12 mo.


Daily headline email ad ($50 per month, 6 month minimum, 2 slots available, existing advertisers only)

Reader’s Club promotions (contact for ideas)

Special Section Sponsorships (contact for details)

Job Listings – $175/mo.

Artist Profiles – $175/mo.

Reporter Food – sold

Explore – $350/mo.

Events – $500/mo.

Candidate Interviews – $2,500

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~ Great for Business ~

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~Loyal readership of people who care about what happens locally.

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~ Avoid the clutter of print, and the scroll factor of social media.

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~ Readership stats (2018 average): 3.4 million hits per month, 10,000 visits per day, 117,000 unique visitors per month

~ Great for Community ~

~ Locally owned, community supported.

~ Award-winning Investigative journalism.

~ A network of online news groups.

~ Stories that inform, inspire and unite.

~ Over 120 candidate interviews in 2018.

~ Nonpartisan coverage of local issues & governance.

~ Comment-free format that readers appreciate.

~ Highlighting local destinations.

~ Uplifting groups, causes and communities.

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