Easy, Low-Cost Ad Plans

Support local journalism and have your ad seen by the thousands of readers who visit Oakland County Times each day.  Ads are placed into stories over the course of the month. Ads link to your website.


A basic ad is a 2 by 5 inch vertical ad that links to your website and it rotated into stories.  The number of placements depends on the number of stories we do and the number of advertisers.  Our goal is 10 placements per month, and we often exceed that number.

1 mo = $95

6 mo = $500

12 mo = $875


A premium ad plan has two sizes that get mixed as we place them.  Advertisers have a basic size ad, as well as a banner ad that is 8 by 2 inches.  The premium ad has at least double the placements of the basic ads.  Our goal is 20 placements per month.

1 mo = $175

6 mo = $950

12 mo = $1,500




Contact us at for more info or to sign up.


Use the pink button for a one-time payment, or the green to set up monthly payments:







Here are some of our current sponsors.  Feel free to contact them about the reasons they are part of this website, and use the ads for ideas about how to plan yours!