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Ads are mixed right into stories for maximum visibility.  The average monthly unique readership is 54,000 readers per month.

Our rates are affordable for any size business.  This makes for a high ROI, and helps us keep the theme of being a grass roots, community-driven site.

Your advertising sponsorship helps fund the work we do to keep communities informed, inspired and united.

We started in 2009 as The Ferndale 115, and in 2014 began the work of building a county-wide news hub.  Check out the About Us page for more info.


Basic Ad Plan

(tall and skinny, 144 x 360)

8+ placements per month


$500 for six months

$875 for one year


Premium Ad Plan

(pair of banner ads, top=600 x 50, bottom= 600 x 160)

12+  placements per month

Larger size, 2 images per page

$875 for six months

$1,500 for one year


Email for sales or other inquiries: Make checks payable to Ferndale 115, PO Box 20293, Ferndale, MI 48220 or pay through the Pay Pal button below:



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