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Join the Online Community Garden to support Oakland County News.

If you’d like to see your name on a flower, simply pledge $15.  You can make a one-time donation or you can sign up for a monthly contribution.  Your name will appear on a flower below.  Everyone is welcome to participate.  Participation does not imply endorsement.  Contributions help keep Oakland County Times free to all readers and helps to cover the cost of operating this website.  Thanks to everyone who supports local journalism.

To make a $15 monthly pledge use this button below:

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Anyone donating $15 per month will have a thank you that appears on this page and once a month in a story.  Our goal is to have 115 supporters.  Please encourage other people to chip in with a donation as well!


To be added soon:  Sharon Chess, Laura Champagne, Carrie Smith, Kaino Phillips, Mary Ann Carmichael and Pam Hansen.

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