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Online Community Gardenseed06_kat_bruner_james

The oc115 is a community-driven, grass-roots, news project. We are proud to have the readers who use the oc115 be the ones who support it.

For the oc115 to keep going and growing, we ask readers to consider the value of this publication, and plant a seed of support if you can.

The online Community Garden is a fun way for people to show their support, and keep the website blossoming seed017_darlene_bignottiwith the spirit of community that has guided us all these years.

For $15 a month (cancel anytime) you can have a flower ad in your name, in dedication to a friend or loved one, or give anonymously in the name of a positive trait you would like to share.

Set up monthly payments below, or do a one-time payment. Or mail a check to Ferndale 115, PO Box 20293, Ferndale, MI 48220. Once payment is received we’ll contact you to find out the name you would like on the ad.

To do a one-time payment instead, use this button below.  Your flower will appear for the appropriate number of months based on your payment. ($15 per month)

Thank you to everyone who has planted a seed of support….
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