District Students Practice Bus Safety Drills

October 3rd 2010

…Ferndale Schools students grades K-8 practiced proper bus safety with bus drivers this week. The District Transportation Department makes sure students go through these drills once a year, as a precautionary measure, to ensure our students know how to respond in case of a bus crisis. …(read more)

Commercial Property Showcase Attracts Potential New Businesses to Ferndale

October 2nd 2010

The Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce hosted the Fourth Annual Ferndale Commercial Property Showcase on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 in the pedestrian alley behind Dino’s (22740 Woodward) to introduce potential buyers or renters to spaces that are available in the City….(read more)

The Beat Goes On: Noise issue not over

October 2nd 2010

City Hall was packed on Monday, Sept. 27, 2010 as residents came out to speak against the sound ordinance petition being circulated by W. Troy Street resident Sherry Wells. Wells and ten of her neighbors. The neighbors had been attempting to get an ordinance on the ballot that would lower decibels throughout the City to 65 and ban outside amplified music… (read more)

Peace Action Heads to DC

September 30th 2010

…Area peace and human rights activists are joining labor union members and other activists in Michigan leaving on buses to be part of “One Nation Working Together” this weekend in Washington, DC…(read more)

In Celebration of Jack Whitehead

September 30th 2010

…Now the work has returned to Michigan as O’Neil and other friends have come up with the perfect outlet for the paintings – a benefit showcasing of the work in the Pittman-Puckett Gallery inside Affirmations (290 W. 9 Mile). Many of Whitehead’s paintings will be available for sale at a low cost, with the money being used to help support the LGBT community center…(read more)

New Signs are on the Way

September 30th 2010

…The Way finding project includes designs for many levels of signage throughout the city, but mainly in the Downtown area…(read more)

Eagles Beat the Raiders 35-7

September 29th 2010

On Thursday, Sept. 24, 2010 The Ferndale High School Varsity Eagles played at North Farmington against the Raiders. The Eagles beat the Raiders 35-7.

City opts out of May School Board Election, County to take over at extra cost

September 28th 2010

The School Board, which is an independent governing body, has not moved the election to November, so City Council has turned over responsibility for administering the election to the County – which is expected double the cost to the District, but eliminate the cost to the City.

Police Report:Grow House Busted, CVS Has CD Stolen

September 28th 2010

Police Report: Marijuana Grow House Busted, CVS Has CD Stolen… (read more)

Financial Planning Committee tries to tackle budget problems

September 27th 2010

…We want to hear your ideas for how the City should cover the $3 million deficit left by declines in property values and state revenue sharing. We will be collecting ideas from readers and if we get enough good ones (ie, suggestions that are practically applicable to decreasing the deficit), we’ll present them to the committee – and to other readers – to consider. …(read more)

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