Explore: Raintree Park and the New “Storybook Trail” in Troy

October 26th 2020

Part of the trail is in a forested area so there is a great opportunity for families to enjoy nature during their visit.

Ferndale Restaurants Using Empty Tabletops to Promote Local Artists

October 26th 2020

Artists are not present at the display, but patrons can make a purchase using their cell phone and scanning the items’ QR (Quick Response) codes.

County Executive Announces New Economic Development Strategy

October 26th 2020

Key focus areas are educational attainment, mobility, digitizing manufacturing and supporting small businesses.

Troy Police Seeing Info on Shots Fired in Neiman Marcus Parking Lot

October 26th 2020

Four vehicles in the parking lot, all unoccupied at the time, were struck by gunfire.

CONSTRUCTION ALERT: Grange Hall/North Holly Road Intersection

October 26th 2020

During the work, the intersection will remain open to traffic with flaggers directing traffic. Motorists should expect delays and should seek an alternate route if possible. 

Video: A Trio of Sandhill Cranes Strolling, Singing at Stony Creek Metropark

October 25th 2020

At first the birds were quiet, but after about 30 seconds of filming the biggest of the cranes began to call out in a voice that echoed across the waterways, and the two littler birds made quieter songs in reply

Tablets for County Jail Inmates to Reduce Contraband, Improve Education

October 25th 2020

Inmates  will  also  have  complete  access  to  a  library  on  the  tablets  which  will  include education, substance abuse resources, cognitive behavior programming, as well as a complete law library. Having  access  to  this  programming,  has  been  proven to  dramatically  reduce  recidivism, change inmate behavior, and better prepare inmates when released back into the community.

Man Shoots Self in Leg Drawing Gun from Holster at Bald Mountain Shooting Center

October 25th 2020

A male subject accidentally discharged his weapon when he was drawing it from the holster. He shot himself in the right leg.

Ortonville Teen Says She Was Playing With Gun When She Shot Friend in Arm

October 25th 2020

She did not realize the safety was off and pulled the trigger.

Ferndale Halloween Map Shows Spooky Houses and Places for Candy

October 24th 2020

Looking for homes that are participating in trick or treating, and those that are decorated in the Halloween spirit?