Max Fisher to speak at free luncheon for MAC

December 2nd 2011

The talk will be a donation-based lunch, with the first 60 to RSVP enjoying food from the Matt Prentice Restaurant group. The lunch will be held at the MAC headquarters at 429 Livernois in Ferndale on Dec. 15 at noon. There is no charge, but donations are suggested.

No Election Necessary: Chamber Fills Uncontested Board Seats

December 2nd 2011

The Ferndale Area Chamber did not hold elections for the Board of Directors for 2012 because they had exactly the number of applicants as was needed to fill the seven member board. On Nov. 28, The Chamber announced welcoming back incumbent Board Members – Pamela Bellaver, Ryan Meray, Gary Meier, Frank Lanzkron-Tamarazo, Jay McMillan, and Rita Van. John Kozich of Credit Union ONE, who served on the Board from 2002 through 2009, is also back on the Board.

Nominate Your Neighbor: Holiday Light Awards

December 2nd 2011

As the snow begins to fall, Ferndalians are getting ready for the holiday season by decorating their homes with lights, garland, wreaths and other traditional décor. The tradition is encouraged by Ferndale’s Beautification Commission, who gives out holiday light awards each year.

Holiday Festivities in Ferndale

November 29th 2011

There is plenty to do in Ferndale this holiday season. Here are some events. If we’ve missed yours, please send us the info – editor@ferndale115.com.

Silent Night of the Lambs

November 29th 2011

As she sits in the hole topped with blocks of ice, rubbing ice cream on her skin, Macy Penny, played by Genevieve Jona, cries about how her mother, JC Penny, has the money to give her captor anything they want.

But what does this madman, er, mad snowman, really want? Why have girls who sell matches and boys with crutches been going missing? And what do the ladies with the beaver fur jackets know about it?

Texting Pepsi if You Want Band Funding

November 29th 2011

FHS Marching Band Director says, “For us to continue to grow the program, bring student fees down, and hopefully take it to yet another level of excellence, we need new sources of funding. We are currently pursuing corporate sponsorship, but are also going after the Pepsi Refresh Everything grant.”

Dollar Club Owner’s Murder Still Unsolved (video)

November 26th 2011

After 1 year, police are still looking for help from citizens with any information they may have regarding the murder of 64 year old store owner KARIM KHAMARKO. Mr. Khamarko was shot to death while working at the Dollar Club Plus located at 2750 Hilton in Ferndale.

Chief Kitchen: Flying High and Laying Low in Retirement

November 26th 2011

As retired Ferndale Police Chief Michael Kitchen and his wife Meri prepared to head south to Florida for the winter, the 56 year old life-long Ferndale resident sat down with The Ferndale 115 News to talk about his years in the department and his views about how the City has changed.

Granholm Visits AJs in Ferndale for Booksigning

November 26th 2011

Sally Fedus of Plymouth was excited to see former Governor Jennifer Granholm and her husband Dan Mulhern again. She’d been volunteering for Granholm’s campaigns since she first became impressed with her back in 2000. But an even more exciting surprise came at the Nov. 25th book signing at AJ’s Café in Ferndale when she realized that her picture had made it in

Local Comedian Seeks Las Vegas Dream, Your vote could help

November 25th 2011

Thompson recently retired from being Executive Director of Affirmations Community Center and is now working hard on her comedy career. She is taking part in a national contest to win a dream gig in Las Vegas. Visit www.improvcc.com to watch Leslie Thompson’s video. Vote if you would like to help her win. You can vote every day.