Weekend Sales to Help Various Causes June 9

June 7th 2012

Saturday will be a great day for sales in Ferndale, with three big ones for deal-seekers to enjoy. Show your support for FernCare, Ferndale Recreation and Ferndale Schools Fine Arts Boosters by checking out the following:

Ferndale’s Double Rainbow: Reader Pics

June 7th 2012

On June 6, 2012 Ferndale was graced with the natural wonder of not one, but two rainbows. Here are some shots by Ferndale 115 News Readers. If you’d like to see yours added to the collection, please email editor@ferndale115.com

Craig Covey’s Blog on Ferndale Pride 2012 June 14 through 17

June 6th 2012

The Gay community will once again celebrate its heritage and pride across Ferndale next week as thousands are expected for the annual street festival, a “Light the Night Against Hate” educational event, the annual “Dyke March”, a 5 K run, and multiple concerts, bar and club parties from June 14 through Sunday June 17th.

Safety and Fun at 2012 Bike Rodeo

June 6th 2012

Kids at the Bike Rodeo also had a chance to test out the bicycle skills on two different courses, and there was an inflated bounce house to play on. They enjoyed other activities as well. Tracey Iverson and her three children made a day of it. “We went to the Bounce House, got ice cream…

Driver Hits Gage Studios

June 5th 2012

Tire tracks are still visible on the sidewalk, indicating that the driver narrowly missed the metal bench, waste barrel, and streetlight all in the same area. The vehicle was essentially stopped by an I-beam, though the impact took out a chunk of the wall and several windows.

Beware of “Water Department” Scam

June 5th 2012

After the victim provided $70 change from his drawer in the bedroom, one suspect asked him to go to the basement to check the pipes. The second suspect was upstairs while they were checking the pipes, and after the suspects left the victim noticed money missing from his drawer.

Driver Rams into Ren Cen, Ferndale 115 is there

June 3rd 2012

A witness said the man told the guard that if he was going to jail for hitting the building that he may as well drive right through it, and a similar remark was heard while listening to police tell the incident to other police who arrived after the crash.

Light the Night Seeks Groups to Stand Up Against Hate

June 3rd 2012

To get involved with Light the Night, contact Cary Watkins at cary.watkins.walk@gmail.com. For more information on Ferndale Pride, check out www.ferndalepride.com.

Ten Years as a Tree City USA

June 2nd 2012

A new sign was added to the park this year, this one in commemoration of Ferndale being a Tree City USA for ten years. 2012 marks the tenth consecutive year for Ferndale, though in the 1970s Ferndale was among the first cities to recognize Arbor Day

Boy Killed by Train, FHS Class Gathering Donations to Send

June 1st 2012

FHS Class of 1981 is seeking donations in support of the family, to assist them with the cost of the funeral, which is Saturday at 3pm