Stuff to Know for the Snow

December 27th 2012

It’s snowing in Ferndale! That means time for sledding and warm fuzzy sweaters. But it also means time to be responsible neighbors. Here is what you need to know when it snows.

Library Bookstore Raises Money for Programming

December 26th 2012

The Friends of the Library Bookstore inside the Ferndale Public Library not just a place to get gently used books from multiple genres for prices that are typically just 50 cents to $2.

It’s also a funding mechanism for things like

Red Ram Removed in Charlevoix

December 23rd 2012

VanDyke is upset about the Red Ram’s departure, stating in his Vimeo video “They’ve taken it upon themselves to determine what is and what isn’t socially acceptable as art…Although some feel the Red Ram is the sign of the apocalypse…

2012 Holiday Light Award Winners

December 22nd 2012

Each December, The Ferndale Beautification Commission takes nominations and selects the winners of the Holiday Light Awards. One winner from each quadrant of the city is selected, plus one business. Earlier this week Beautification Commission Chairperson Peggy Snow delivered letters to the homeowners and invited them to the first City Council meeting in January, where they will be presented with their certificates.

The Art of Holiday Flower Delivery

December 21st 2012

Owners Robbin Yelverton and Jerome Raska have shared the following tips to help make holiday floral orders as simple as possible:

Christmas Decorations Destroyed, But Not the Spirit

December 19th 2012

“If I could say anything it would be: To the vandals, I hope you got something out of it and it made you happy to try to ruin our spirit. But guess what? You didn’t. Upset? Yes, ruin our Xmas? Nope!”

Need a Job? Here is the FCC Job Flash!

December 19th 2012

The Ferndale Career Center is known for connecting individuals to jobs, and companies to employees. Now they are offering a “Job Flash,” which is a list of available positions in the area. This will be updated regularly on their website at http://ferndalecareercenter.wordpress.com. Below are the most recent job listings:

City Unveils Logo and Website Design

December 18th 2012

Joseph Gacioch, Project & Grant Coordinator has worked with Artemis Technologies and Skidmore Studios to develop a new website that would be “audience centric, minimalistic, efficient, and modern in design and function,” according to the presentation to City Council on Dec. 17, 2012.

Garden Fresh Receives County Proclamation

December 17th 2012

the Oakland County Board of Commissioners recognize and salute Jack and Annette Aronson for promoting Michigan business, for supporting our local economy, for generous giving to charities, for creating healthy new products and for providing jobs for hundreds of our residents in the greatest traditions of the American entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropy.

Three Car Pileup on 9 Mile Near Livernois

December 16th 2012

A rear-ending chain reaction happened on W. 9 Mile near Liverniois at about noon on Sunday, Dec. 16, 2012. It appeared that none of the occupants were severely hurt. Christine Ordell Stokes captured the image of the three-car pileup just after police and fire arrived on the scene.