Hazelhurst Fire Closes Allen

January 3rd 2011

A second story house fire caused Ferndale Police and Fire Departments to close off Allen Road for about an hour on Jan. 3, 2011. The fire began in the upstairs bedroom of the home, which sits on the corner of Hazelhurst and Allen. The cause of the fire is under investigation, but Fire Chief Kevin Sullivan said that fortunately no one was home when the fire began at approximately 2:45pm.

More than the Founder of FernCare: Ann Heler…

January 3rd 2011

Despite her humble attitude and sincere appreciation of the others involved, Heler was overwhelmingly nominated by Ferndale 115 News readers for “Ferndalian of the Year,” for 2010 because her hard work. But the energetic 68-year-old Ferndale resident has a lot more to be recognized for in her lifetime of community service…

Officers Recognized for Crime Solving Skills

January 2nd 2011

Several Ferndale Police Officers received commendations and citations for service at the Dec. 28, 2010 City Council meeting in relation to shooting incident in November.

Interim City Manager Candidates to Interview Jan. 6

January 1st 2011

City Manager Bob Bruner will be leaving his position here in Ferndale to take the City Manager position in Birmingham, with his last day being Feb. 11, 2011. Ferndale City Council will be interviewing three candidates to see who will make the best interim City Manager.

Waggs & Wishes Pet Picks ~ Jan. 2011

January 1st 2011

Waggs and Wishes Animal Rescue, located at 521 E. Cambourne, has many dogs and cats that need fostering and/or permanent adoption. The organization stepped up in 2010 after the City eliminated animal control services, and has been saving lives ever since. Not only do they rescue and take in animals, they care for them and work hard to find them loving homes. For more information contact Angie Potter at 734-658-1268 or visit waggsandwishes.org.


January 1st 2011

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January 1st 2011


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January 1st 2011


Council Meeting Turns Concert of Praise

December 31st 2010

The Council Meeting of Dec. 28, 2010 turned into a concert of praise for outgoing Mayor Craig Covey, literally. The Mayor’s last Council Meeting crescendoed with presentations for the outgoing Mayor from many in the Ferndale Community, including a surprise performance… (read more)

Committee Recommends Headlee Override

December 30th 2010

The Financial Planning Committee held a public meeting on Dec. 29, 2010 to present options to residents for balancing the city’s budget, recommending that Council puts a Headlee Over-Ride on the ballot for the residents to vote on. The presentation was just a rough draft of what the Committee will be presenting to Council, who will make the ultimate decision of how to move forward.