Ferndale Launches New Website

June 3rd 2013

Ferndale Launches New Website (City of Ferndale Press Release, June 25, 2013) On Tuesday, June 25th, the City of Ferndale will launch their new official website under the new domain www.ferndalemi.gov. The launch of the new site marks an important step toward City Council’s objectives to make prodigious strides in digital government, communication, and technology […]

Links to Government Websites

March 30th 2013

Links to Government Websites United States www.usa.gov The White House www.whitehouse.gov U.S. Senate www.senate.gov U.S. House of Representatives www.house.gov U.S. Supreme Court www.supremecourtus.gov Michigan www.michigan.gov Michigan Senate www.senate.michigan.gov Michigan House of Representatives www.house.michigan.gov Michigan Courts courts.michigan.gov Michigan House Fiscal Agency www.house.mi.gov/hfa/home.asp Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency www.senate.michigan.gov/sfa/ Oakland County www.oakgov.com Cities Auburn Hills www.auburnhills.org Berkley www.berkleymich.org […]

Ferndale 115 News Founder’s Interview on Art & Design Program

February 1st 2013

Ferndale 115 News Founder’s Interview on Art & Design Program (Feb. 1, 2013) The work of the Ferndale 115 News is growing beyond the city’s four square miles, and recently Editor & Publisher Crystal Proxmire had the opportunity to talk about that work on the Art & Design Show out of Bloomfield Township. The show […]

Sledding at Martin Road Hill

December 27th 2012

Sledding at Martin Road Hill is a time-honored tradition in Ferndale, enjoyable by children and adults. The snow and sunshine made for a perfect sledding day on Dec. 27, with many kids home on vacation from school.

Pamphlets from the Past: Historical Society website shows…

July 7th 2010

Pamphlets from the Past: Historical Society website shows what was, and what could have been (Crystal A. Proxmire, July 13, 2010)   Can you imagine a Ferndale Mall, centered in the middle of a “Ring Road” alternative to 9 Mile?  Or what City Hall must have been like in the 40s and 50s when city […]

Couple Finds Tombstone in Backyard, Possible Grave

June 11th 2010

Couple Finds Tombstone in Backyard, Possible Grave (Crystal A. Proxmire, June 11, 2010) When Wayne and Sarah Maki purchased their house at 1527 Pearson they had no idea that their 1929-built home came with a 200-year-old mystery buried in the back yard. “We were roto-tilling our backyard to lay down new grass seed, and it […]

Magic at the Ferndale Public Library

April 20th 2010

Magic at the Ferndale Public Library By, Crystal A. Proxmire   About a dozen families came together at the Ferndale Public Library’s temporary location on Saturday, April 17, 2010 to literally share in the magic of reading.  Ferndale’s resident magician Gordon Russ guided the youngsters through the mystery of the missing library card, a show […]

15 Questions for Chuck Moeser

March 15th 2010

15 Questions for Chuck Moeser (Crystal A. Proxmire, March 15, 2010) In an effort to learn more about life in Ferndale, The Ferndale 115 News is launching a 15 Questions Series that gives interviews with residents and people involved in the community.  On March 11, 2010 reporter Crystal A. Proxmire sat down with Ferndale Board […]

Zombie Make Up Lesson

September 15th 2009

Zombie Make Up Lesson Sept 15, 2009 By, Crystal A. Proxmire   The Ferndale Film Festival brought out experts in many areas of film promotion and production, including Special Effects Makeup Artist Keith Faychak. Faychak was one of the wizards behind the film “First Date,” where he flawlessly applied fake tattoos and fake piercings. He […]