Reporter Food: One-Eyed Betty’s in Downtown Ferndale

September 9th 2021

One Eyed Betty’s is located at 175 W Troy St. in Downtown Ferndale.  Find more info and order online at https://www.oneeyedbettys.com/.

Laughs Are Back with Safety in Mind as Go Comedy! Improv Theater Reopens Friday

September 9th 2021

Go Comedy! Improv Theater announces that it will reopen Friday, September 10th with return of the Go Comedy! All Star Showdown

Oakland County Switches to New System for Agendas

September 8th 2021

The software, called CivicClerk, automates several aspects of the meetings, such as voting, updates to the agenda, the compilation of meeting minutes and internal item review processes. Macomb County and Wayne County have similar systems in place.  

Construction Alert: Ramps to I-696 from I-75 to Close for Repairs

September 7th 2021

 Follow I-75 modernization progress on the web at www.Modernize75.com

Ferndale & Pleasant Ridge Give Updates on Woodward Road Diet

September 7th 2021

city leaders in Ferndale and Pleasant Ridge are sharing information with the public about where things stand, including the likelihood that Pleasant Ridge would likely not be part of the road diet.

Events in Oakland County

September 3rd 2021

Here are upcoming events in Oakland County. Email event information to editor@oc115.com for consideration.

Fire Destroys Townhomes in Royal Oak Township

September 2nd 2021

A fire Wednesday on S. Hart Place destroyed townhomes in Royal Oak Township Wednesday, leaving a resident injured with burns.

Erin Quetell to Serve as County’s First Environmental Sustainability Officer

September 2nd 2021

She has served as the environmental sustainability planner for the City of Ferndale, where she was responsible for integrating the social, financial, and environmental sustainability perspectives and best practices into everyday city operations.

How to Get Married at Ferndale Pride, Oct 2, 2021

September 1st 2021

Dreaming of getting married at Ferndale PRIDE?

With Kulick Center Closed, Ferndale Seniors Move & Invite New Members

September 1st 2021

Ferndale Seniors meet every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month from 11:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.