Election 2020

2020 Candidate Interview: Andy Meisner for Oakland County Executive

June 22nd 2020

In the race for Oakland County Executive there are two candidates from the Republican Party and two candidates from the Democratic Party on the Aug. 4, 2020 Primary ballot.

2020 Candidate Interview: Mark Freeman for Holly Township Treasurer

June 22nd 2020

In the race for Holly Township Treasurer, there are only candidates in the Republican Primary,

2020 Candidate Interview: Rudy Serra for 43rd District Judge

June 22nd 2020

The candidates are: Kelly Collins, Brian Hartwell, Michael Mitchell, Jim Osak, Rudy Serra, and Dennis Whittie,.

2020 Candidate Interview:  Rose D’Ambrosi for Highland Township Treasurer

June 19th 2020

In the race for Highland Township Treasurer, there are two Republicans facing each other in the Aug. 4, 2020 Primary:

2020 Candidate Interview: Eric Lindemier for Waterford Township Treasurer

June 19th 2020

The winner of the Aug. 4, 2020 Republican primary will face Democrat Eric Lindemier in the Nov. 3, 2020 election.

2020 Candidate Interview: Matt Stoel for State Rep. 27th District

June 18th 2020

In the race for State Representative of the 27th District there are several candidates running in the Democratic Primary.

2020 Candidate Interview: Krista Spencer for State Rep 38th District

June 18th 2020

In Michigan’s 38th District State Representative race, there is contention in both the Republican and the Democratic Primaries which are held Aug. 4, 2020.

2020 Candidate Interview: Jody LaMacchia for State Rep. 46th District

June 18th 2020

In the Democratic Primary, Jody LaMacchia is unopposed.

Suzanne Heiple Appointed to Short-Term Holly Village Council Seat

June 17th 2020

Residents in Holly have a familiar face on Village Council as former councilperson Suzanne Heiple has accepted a short-term appointment to fill the vacancy…

2020 Candidate Interview:  Mike Kowall for Oakland County Executive

June 16th 2020

In the Republican Primary, the candidates are Mike Kowall and Jeffrey G. Nutt.