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Pamphlets from the Past: Historical Society website shows…

July 7th 2010

Pamphlets from the Past: Historical Society website shows what was, and what could have been (Crystal A. Proxmire, July 13, 2010)   Can you imagine a Ferndale Mall, centered in the middle of a “Ring Road” alternative to 9 Mile?  Or what City Hall must have been like in the 40s and 50s when city […]

Couple Finds Tombstone in Backyard, Possible Grave

June 11th 2010

Couple Finds Tombstone in Backyard, Possible Grave (Crystal A. Proxmire, June 11, 2010) When Wayne and Sarah Maki purchased their house at 1527 Pearson they had no idea that their 1929-built home came with a 200-year-old mystery buried in the back yard. “We were roto-tilling our backyard to lay down new grass seed, and it […]

Magic at the Ferndale Public Library

April 20th 2010

Magic at the Ferndale Public Library By, Crystal A. Proxmire   About a dozen families came together at the Ferndale Public Library’s temporary location on Saturday, April 17, 2010 to literally share in the magic of reading.  Ferndale’s resident magician Gordon Russ guided the youngsters through the mystery of the missing library card, a show […]

15 Questions for Chuck Moeser

March 15th 2010

15 Questions for Chuck Moeser (Crystal A. Proxmire, March 15, 2010) In an effort to learn more about life in Ferndale, The Ferndale 115 News is launching a 15 Questions Series that gives interviews with residents and people involved in the community.  On March 11, 2010 reporter Crystal A. Proxmire sat down with Ferndale Board […]

Community Conversation: Michigan’s Defining Moment

January 15th 2010

The point of the conversation is to record concerns such as these and present them to the House and Senate, but Johnson did suggest that participants could learn more about their government and the ways that the Michigan Department of Education sets policies for all public schools to follow. Knowing how government works is a step in the direction of accountability for all areas.

Gallery Walk Super-Coverage

September 1st 2009

Gallery Walk Super-Coverage – G1 – Blumz Presents Priscilla Eggen “It was love at first touch.” That’s what Ferndale-based artist Priscilla Eggen says about her first pottery class back in 1975.  “I was able to fit in a pottery class while my youngest daughter was in kindergarten,” Eggen says.  “I have been working at it […]

Hollywood Dreams for Vogue Vintage

July 1st 2009

Vogue Vintage owner Steve Humphreys never had stars in his eyes or Hollywood dreams, but over the past several weeks the world of the rich and the famous has opened up for him. At least a little bit. Humphreys has been working with set designers from major motion pictures, and renting them items from his resale store to be used in the films.

Ice Cream and Comedy Drive Away the Blues

July 1st 2009

The smiles on the kids faces gobbling down cups of free ice cream were almost as big as the one on PJ Jacokes the day he was presented with his prize for the Edy’s Ice Cream “A Taste of Recovery” Contest. Jacokes’ essay on the importance of making people laugh even in hard times earned him the honor of being the official spokesperson for Edy’s newest summer flavor “Red, White and No More Blues.” Official Edy’s Taster John Harrison and his team flew out…

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January 1st 1901

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