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5 Bills and 1 Bonus #1 (2013)

February 17th 2013

Politics is the least popular topic for some in our community, but it’s also important. Sometimes the big corporate lobbyists and politicians like it to be dull and complicated so that you’ll be bored and apathetic. But it’s worth taking a little bit of time to understand how things are done, and speaking up when you see things you don’t like. Even just asking questions and learning more makes a difference in democracy. It’s all important.

So here are five bills that have been introduced in the State House this year. There are over 250 already introduced, and we strongly suggest you go to and search around for bills that are on topics you care about

Ferndale’s MEAP Scores

February 16th 2013

Results from the Fall 2012 MEAP tests were released statewide this week. In Ferndale, the Curriculum & Instruction Team has reviewed the Ferndale School’s student results which include Grades 3-9. Ferndale’s results show significant increases in proficiency in reading, math, and science. Barbara Evoe, Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction says…

Have You Noticed The StoreFront Gallery on Marshall

February 16th 2013

John teamed up with several friends and people he’d only met online to curate the “Your Instagram” exhibit. For this he chose 24 Instagram photos and put them in frames to sell. He also put together a projection show to play on the wall. Your Instagram is a two-day showing that can still be seen on Sat. Feb.16 from 3-9pm.

Vagrants and Valentine also took a corner at the show to display found art jewelry and and one-of-a kind fashion items

Public Concern Over Parking Rates and Machines Grows

February 13th 2013

The rates and the central payment stations were approved by City Council on Jan. 14, with no public comment or objection. Problems arose at the stations, including long lines, bill jams, poor lighting, machines not accepting change nor giving change, and other general confusion. At the Council meeting on Monday, Jan. 18, one person came out to complain. But outside the public meetings, there has been online buzz and multiple complaints by people at the stations themselves or when they go into the Downtown businesses.

Need a Job? Here is the FCC Job Flash!

February 12th 2013

The Ferndale Career Center is known for connecting individuals to jobs, and companies to employees. Now they are offering a “Job Flash,” which is a list of available positions in the area. This will be updated regularly on their website at Below are the most recent job listings:

City Officials Discuss 2013 Goals

February 12th 2013

In the weeks leading up to the session, City Manager April Lynch gathered ideas from residents, staff from all departments, the Mayor and City Council members and compiled them into a 45 page document for Council’s review.

They then sat for several hours going through ideas category by category, discussing them and putting them in order of priority. Afterwards they put stickers up on posters that had goals listed. Here are some of the items discussed:

Police Report: Armed Robbery Arrest

February 12th 2013

On Feb. 9, 2013 at about 9:00 p.m. a 52 year old man was robbed in the parking lot of the Stop & Go located at 1365 E. 9 Mile Rd. in Ferndale.

The victim was approached by the robber (a 40 year old b/m, Detroit resident) who had a revolver and demanded money and a cell phone from the victim.

Susanne Hilberry Gallery’s Chris Hyndman Gallery Talk March 2

February 12th 2013

Susanne Hilberry Gallery (700 Livernois) is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Chris Hyndman with a reception for the artist Saturday 16 February from 6 to 8 pm. The artist will give a gallery talk Saturday 2 March at 2 pm.

Flash Mob Ushers in Ferndale Reads (video)

February 10th 2013

Dozens of Ferndale residents began congregating around the stage of the Rust Belt Market at 2:30 on Saturday afternoon as other shopper milled about, unaware of the spectacle they were about to witness.

Suddenly those in the know whipped out copies of Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Slaughterhouse 5 and began to read in-sync the first couple of pages. Others watched and then picked up free copies of the book themselves.

Roe v Wade and the Road Ahead for Women’s Health Rights (video)

February 10th 2013

Oakland County Clerk and former Michigan State Representative Lisa Brown also spoke at the event, discussing the recent wave of anti-women legislation in Michigan, including HB5711 which put severe limitations on abortion clinics. She explained how no women had been allowed to testify at the committee hearing where the bill was discussed, and how she was banned from speaking for a day because she used the word “vagina” when talking about it.