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Affirmations Big Bash

March 25th 2011

“It’s amazing,” said Gary Roberts, one of the founding members of Affirmations Board back in 1989. “Back then there were people who were afraid to sign the articles of incorporation because it was a public document. Look at how far we’ve come,” he said as he looked around at the sea of people openly celebrating their lives. He recalled how the organization moved around from small places and people’s houses, before moving to the old office in Ferndale, just a block away from their current 16,000 square foot community center where they serve more than 30,000 individuals each year.

Social Media Headshots (March 30)

March 24th 2011

As part of their ongoing commitment to helping people have the resources they need to find work in a competitive marketplace, The Ferndale Career Center has teamed up with Aly Darin Photography to do a Free Social Media Headshot day. On March 30, 2011 from 2pm-4pm, Darin will spend 5-10 minutes with each participant, positioning them in front of a black or white background and getting the best shot. Within a week she will choose the best photo and e mail it to the participant so they can use it on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other online accounts.

Roosevelt Students Get Guest Readers

March 24th 2011

Students at Roosevelt Primary School enjoyed guest readers on March 18, 2011 for March-is-Reading Month. Guests included Ferndale Police Chief Tim Collins, Chef Jeremy Burean, Director of Technology Melissa Auchter & Coolidge Principal Dr. Kevin Brockberg.

The Budget Meetings Have Begun

March 24th 2011

On March 23, 2011, Ferndale City Council had its first official meeting to discuss the FYE 2012 and 2013 budgets. This meeting was the first in a six week process, with meetings to be held weekly on Wednesday nights (6pm at City Hall) and possibly other days if it becomes necessary

From Woodward Heights to the World…

March 23rd 2011

Since 1948 a giant tower was erected on a patch of what used to be Ferndale farmland, giving birth to a radio legacy that nearly any grown-up Metro Detroiter could sing you the name of. 104.3 WOMC was actually the second channel to broadcast from the station at 2201 Woodward Heights…

Hangin’ with the Heroes

March 23rd 2011

The Ferndale Elks Club was packed on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 as community members gathered to recognize and send off four Members of the US Navy Tactical Support Center 0374 as they prepare to ship off for Afghanistan.

Groups Organize Around Headlee Override Issue

March 22nd 2011

“Shall the City of Ferndale, County of Oakland, Michigan, be permitted to increase its authorized millage rate in 2011 for a term of five (5) years ending December 31, 2015, by an additional 5.4552 mills ($5.4552 per $1,000) on each dollar of the taxable value of all real and personal property in the City of Ferndale, which will restore to the City the Charter-authorized millage amount for general purposes which has been reduced by Section 31 of Article IX of the State Constitution of 1963, all of which tax revenues would be disbursed to the City of Ferndale; provided that the City shall not be authorized to levy more than three (3) additional mills in 2011. The Charter-authorized millage amount has been reduced by required millage rollbacks in recent years to 14.5448. If approved, the initial three (3) mills authorized for levy would raise approximately $1,681,806 in 2011.”

Less Talk and More Action for Michigan Film Industry

March 22nd 2011

‘…These projects aren’t going to fall into our laps. Someone has to start them. And pour their heart and soul and their own money into making them happen. Those are the companies that are going to be successful, the ones who make movies because they love it. People think the film industry is fun and glamorous, but it’s a lot of work. There are 16 hour days of shooting, the hard time of going out to find work, the hours of networking to find the right people or to find investors. We can’t just build part of an industry and wait for Hollywood to come.”

AJs Café Closed Due to Fire, Concert Carries On

March 22nd 2011

As AJs World Record Breaking Attempt Assembly Line Concert Third Shift reached it 58th hour, an electrical fire broke out in the wall near the front door. A quick-thinking concert attendee shot the flames with a portable fire extinguisher, and the Fire Department cut power to the building and made sure that the fire was completely out.

Hour 50 of 360: AJs Assembly Line…

March 22nd 2011

With a thick Australian accent, a golden heart and the passion of a man who has witnessed generations of injustice, Robert Thorton – along with wife Sharon and new-found friend Danny B. on keyboard – handled hour #50 of the third World Record-breaking concert attempt at AJs Music Café.