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Foundations Fund Several COVID-19 Related Efforts

April 4th 2020

“In full participation with our foundation partners, we are making grants to provide support for targeted community needs arising from this crisis.”

Census Completion Stats – Where Does Your Community Stand?

April 3rd 2020

In order for communities to track how well their communities are responding, the Census Bureau set up a Response Rate map that updates daily…

Blue Ribbons and “Moonbeams” to Honor #HealthCareHeroes

April 3rd 2020

“We hope these kinds of activities will help reassure our team we’re all in this together.”

Governor’s Order Protects Employees Who Stay Home, Clarifies “Stay Home” Order

April 3rd 2020

“It’s crucial that anyone experiencing symptoms, and those they live with, stay home and stay safe.”

April 27: Area Agency on Aging 1-B Hosting Pop-Up Food Pantry for Seniors in Warren

April 3rd 2020

“Many seniors and their families are now feeling much more secure thanks to the emergency food boxes,”

Jonathan Schechter: Nature Writer, ER Paramedic, Adventurer

April 2nd 2020

Other topics have included coyotes and the massasauga rattlesnake, which is the only venomous snake in Oakland County.

Governor Orders School Buildings Closed Through End of School Year

April 2nd 2020

Every district’s plan will be different and will reflect what’s best and feasible for their community

Before the Closures: Rocky and Roberta’s Wedding Graces Ferndale High School

April 2nd 2020

“Never give up on the chance to find love again,” she said.

Cat Rescues Invited to Apply for TNR Grant, Deadline April 17

April 2nd 2020

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is a humane approach to addressing outdoor cat populations.

April 21 – Common Ground’s Annual Breakfast Goes Virtual

April 2nd 2020

The program will include individuals in the community sharing their stories, a focus on a new mental health initiative, and a chance to donate at the end.