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Pics: Signs of Support Dot Walks Throughout Oakland County

March 28th 2020

Here are some pics from around the county.  Add yours to our Facebook conversation to share what fun things you’ve seen or done!

Bagpipe Music in Hazel Park a Surprise for Dad in Senior…

March 27th 2020

“Dad has always loved the bagpipes and all things history and military so I knew he would really enjoy it.”

County Announces $3 Million Stabilization Fund for Small Businesses

March 27th 2020

“The Board of Commissioners is committed to keeping our small businesses in operation and our health care systems above water, supporting their many employees and keeping our residents safe,” said David Woodward, board chairman.

17 Deaths and 691 Cases of Coronavirus in Oakland County So Far 

March 27th 2020

As of March 26 there have been 691 confirmed cases of COVID-19 Coronavirus in Oakland County.

Census: A Revolutionary Idea, Plus Reasons to be Counted

March 26th 2020

The census is as old as America. And so are controversies about it.

Tips for Maintaining Mental Health During the Coronavirus Outbreak

March 26th 2020

As we incorporate scary-sounding phrases like “social distancing” and “self-isolation” into our daily vocabularies, it’s apparent we must also devote time and attention to our mental and emotional health

How to Report Price-Gouging, Executive Order Violations

March 25th 2020

The orders are in place to protect the public health and welfare of Michigan’s residents…

SMART Adjusts Bus Services

March 25th 2020

SMART services provide a critical role getting those who need transit to get to critical infrastructure jobs as well as those who need to make essential trips.

English Language Support Continues as Oakland Literacy Council Tutors Online

March 25th 2020

I have two students that I have committed myself to each week. Yet I’m embracing this new opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge of using digital tools.

County Order: Employees Must Be Screened to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

March 24th 2020

The Oakland County Health Division today issued an emergency order requiring essential businesses to screen all employees for illness, exposure to COVID-19…