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2019 Candidate Interview: Douglas Gould for Rochester City Council

September 15th 2019

Douglas Gould is running for Rochester City Council in the Nov. 5, 2019 election.

Fly K-9 Among Success Stories at Downtown Ferndale’s Rustbelt Market

September 14th 2019

She likes selling her wares in Ferndale, because it is pet friendly, she said

Ferndale Police Citizens Academy Begins Oct. 3

September 14th 2019

In the four week course, citizens receive hands-on information about multiple aspects of police work and law enforcement

Oct. 2 – Birmingham Candidate Forum Hosted by League of Women Voters

September 14th 2019

There are seven people running for four commission seats.

Sept 27 – Downtown Holly Twilight Tours

September 14th 2019

Our tour guides will introduce you to storytellers, historic figures, and a few ghosts along the way.

Sept. 26 – Presentation on Read by Grade Three Law by Ferndale Schools

September 14th 2019

Ferndale Schools Superintendent Dania Bazzi and Assistant Superintendant Dina Rocheleau will be at Ferndale Area District Library

Sept. 25 – Learn How To Shift Toward a Zero Waste Lifestyle at the Ferndale Library

September 14th 2019

Ferndale residents eager to reduce waste and commit to making positive lifestyle choices can attend a “Zero Waste Meet-Up”

Sept 24 and 26 South Lyon Candidate Forums Hosted by League of Women Voters

September 14th 2019

Candidate forums for South Lyon will be held at the Salem South Lyon District Library

Sept. 23 – Farmington Candidate Forum Hosted by League of Women Voters

September 14th 2019

Candidates are Sara Bowman, Sarah Davies, Joe LaRussa, Geof Perrot, and Steve Schneemann.

Sept. 22 – Oak Park Public Safety Open House

September 14th 2019

Visit the Oakland County Times Event Page for other fun and educational things to do!