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Financial Donations Are the Way to Help Southfield Goodfellows Provide Holiday Support This Year

September 15th 2020

The pandemic has necessitated the cancellation of the annual newspaper drive, greatly reducing the Southfield Goodfellows resources (funds, volunteers, and gift/toy donations). 

Ferndale Police Program to Follow Up with Help for Those Who Overdose

September 14th 2020

The team’s objective is to make contact with the individual who has overdosed, as well as their family.

Party in Brandon Twp with Over 100 Young People Ends with Teen Shot in Arm

September 14th 2020

The 17 year old, whose parents were out of town, advised Deputies that originally on 15 people were invited but someone posted the party on social media and over 100 people showed up.

Playing with Gun Led to 12 Year Old’s Fatal Shooting in Oak Park

September 14th 2020

Preliminary investigation of the incident from Oak Park Investigators determined that there was gunplay amongst juveniles within the residence that resulted in this shooting. 

Enhanced Notification Service Now Available for Crime Victims in Michigan

September 14th 2020

The enhanced MI-VINE service offers users innovative functionality, an improved user experience and expanded access to victim services.

Oakland County Among Those to Be Sprayed for Mosquitoes Due to EEE

September 14th 2020

Although the aerial treatment is considered necessary to reduce human risk, it will not eliminate it. Residents must continue to protect themselves from mosquito bites

Suspect Wanted in Brandon Township Vehicle Arson

September 14th 2020

There was a gas can lying on the rear floorboards and the vehicle smelled strongly of gas.

Video Interview: Ferndale Superintendent Talks About 2020 School Year

September 13th 2020

In under 25 minutes, we talked about several important topics including budget questions, classes and extracurriculars, advice for parents, the district’s efforts to combat racism, and more.

2020 Candidate Interview:  Felicia Royal for Royal Oak Township Supervisor

September 13th 2020

For Supervisor, incumbent Donna Squalls is on the ballot as are Cary Junior and Felicia Royal. 

2020 Candidate Interview: Michael Seltzer for Franklin Village Council

September 13th 2020

For Trustee the candidates are incumbents Fred Gallasch and Michael Seltzer, as well as Katherine Erlich, Mark Hanke, Joshua Lawton.