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FHS Theatre Presents: Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap

November 10th 2011

Ferndale High School’s Student Enterprise Theatre presents Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, beginning next week. The performances will take place at Ferndale High School, 881 Pinecrest, and will be performed by two casts – the Gold cast and Blue cast. This murder-mystery show features a small cast, who-done-it plot, and will be fun for the whole family.

Veteran’s Day Observance & Oakland County Veteran’s Fair

November 10th 2011

Veteran’s Day is Nov. 11, 2011 and The City of Ferndale will hold its annual observance at 11 a.m., at the Memorial Mall located on Livernois, one block south of 9 Mile Rd….On Saturday, November 12, 2011, a special Veterans Fair will be held from 10 am-3 pm, at Oakland Schools, located at 2111 Pontiac Lake Road in Waterford, Michigan.

Police End Chase up Woodward with Spike Strip for Fleeing Pickup

November 9th 2011

Ferndale Police rushed to the intersection of 9 Mile and Woodward with three police cars to block other traffic and to lay the spike strip, which punctured the fleeing pickup truck’s four tires.

Nationwide Emergency Test Wednesday 2pm, Don’t Be Alarmed

November 9th 2011

At 2pm the Federal Communications Commission along with other governmental agencies, will issue a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. The test will appear on television networks with a verbal message saying it is only a test, or on the radio with a similar warning. However, the screen may or may not give that information. There is no need to be alarmed. The test could last 30 seconds, up to several minutes.

Election Results are In

November 8th 2011

The election results are in for Ferndale City Council and Library Board. Incumbent Dave Coulter won the Mayor’s race with 84.17% of the vote. Dan Martin had the most votes for City Council, with incumbent Mike Lennon receiving the next most. Both of them will serve on Ferndale City Council. Ray Willis, who ran for Mayor, was not elected. Nor was Sherry Wells, who ran for City Council.

Post Office to Hold Second Closure Meeting Thursday

November 8th 2011

The USPS announced that a meeting will be held on Thursday, Nov 10, 2011 at 6pm to discuss the closing of the Post Office in Ferndale. The closure will affect approximately 725 PO Box customers, as well as others who use the location for mailing and stamp purchases.

Today’s the Day to Vote

November 8th 2011

Today the residents of Ferndale will have the opportunity to vote for who will represent them on City Council, including who will serve as Mayor. Current Mayor Dave Coulter is running against Raymond Willis for the Mayor’s seat. Dan Martin and Sherry Wells are facing Michael Lennon, the incumbent. The three of them are running for two open seats on City Council.

There are also several uncontested Library Board seats on the ballot. For Library Board’s full six year terms, the public can vote for two and there are two men running – James O’Donnell and John Sterritt. For Library Board Director Tiffani Gagne is running unopposed. And for a partial term Library Board Director there are two seats open and the public gets two votes. Judeen Bartos and Monique Herzig are the candidates.

Recycling 101 this Green Tuesday

November 7th 2011

and just how much recycling can affect the bottom line.

The Recycling 101 Workshop is from 6:30pm-8pm at the Ferndale Public Library (222 E. 9 Mile). Green Tuesdays are a monthly workshop series put on by the FESC to encouraging environmental education in the community. Check them out on Facebook to keep up with the latest, or browse through our Green News page to find stories about some of their past activities.

Get Your Note Where You Vote

November 7th 2011

“Get Your Note Where You Vote! is just part of the communications plan,” said McGrath. “We encourage our residents to review our website for great information. Talk to your neighbors. If they don’t have access to a computer, offer the information you have found or encourage them to go to the Library to use a computer. Preparing for and communicating during an emergency relies on the entire Community, we can’t do it ourselves.”

Golden Eagle Marching Band Earns State Championship

November 6th 2011

Golden Eagle Marching Band Earns 2011 Flight III State Championship (11/6/2011) The Ferndale Golden Eagles Marching Band earned Flight III State Championship status on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011.  The Eagles have soared under the direction of Band Director Elon Jamison. Jamison recently gave an interview to Eddie Carden of Half Time Magazine, which talks about […]