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Gas Leak Closes Troy and Paxton

September 12th 2011

“It’s going to be a couple hours at least before they get out here and get down to the problem,” the fireman said. “They’ll probably be working at it into the night.” He said that he expects the street to re-open by morning.

Ferndale TimeBank Update

September 9th 2011

I would encourage anyone who is interested in either the DIY Street Fair or joining the Ferndale Time Bank to look into volunteering during the event.

New Watchdog Group Faces Challenges

September 9th 2011

“Once the Board has a chance to have their meeting we will know more about how this will work. It’s a new kind of group and we’ve never done anything like this before. There are still bugs to work out,” Fredericks said. In the meantime, those who want more information can contact Ferndale Watchdogs at

Ferndale Recreation Update – Events to Look For

September 8th 2011

Please join us for the following Ferndale Recreation events, and visit for more information!

State of Emergency Declared in Ferndale, No New Worries Though

September 8th 2011

State of Emergency Declared in Ferndale, No New Worries Though (Crystal A. Proxmire, Ferndale115 News Wire, 9/8/2011) Ferndale Mayor Dave Coulter signed the proclamation for a State of Emergency this afternoon in the wake of massive Labor Day storms that left thousands without power and many smashed up homes and vehicles.  Though the City is […]

Paintball, A New Adventure

September 8th 2011

It was impossible during the games to not be present. The moment you stopped paying attention you were taken advantage of. You always had to be aware of your surroundings and how to use them. In life, being aware has a lot to do with success. Opportunities come and go all the time. Sometimes, they come in major batches. In order to recognize them, you have to be present in life. This is a step that many people forget about and it’s critical.

Transition Ferndale Update, Plus Upcoming Green Events

September 8th 2011

All the above events can be found on the calendar page on the Transition Ferndale blog:

Transition Ferndale on Facebook:

Clean Up Continues as we Share Best of Storm Pics

September 7th 2011

Rain is hindering cleanup of what DPW Director Byron Photiades is calling the worst storm since 1979. Saturday night strong winds and thunderstorms ripped through the area, destroying trees and knocking out power to much of the city. According to the DTE Website, power is…

After Storm Delay, School is Starting Wednesday

September 6th 2011

The Ferndale Schools will begin the school year tomorrow, Wednesday, September 7. This means all our schools (including CASA) will be open, buses will be running and we look forward to seeing everyone!

Power Outages Continue as Ferndale Cleans Up from Storm

September 5th 2011

Throughout SE Michigan, 45,000 customers remain without power, including thousands of homes in Ferndale and Hazel Park, after storms hit Saturday night. The DTE Website says the company expects to have service restored to 90% of customers by the end of the day.