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Bruce Baron’s Holiday Light Walk

December 21st 2011

Last weekend he journeyed around his neighborhood to appreciate the holiday lights. “Most are from the west side of Woodward from Fielding in the south to Woodland in the north and Pinecrest in the West. A few are on the east side of Woodward but not many,” Baron said.

Owning the Stage: Burlesque and Beyond

December 19th 2011

“Whether it’s acting, dancing or public speaking, it’s all an exercise in risk taking, and in being able to be open and present in the moment of the performance,” Tann said to the class of eight. Attendees were ladies of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds and variation in experience. Each one left with more confidence and personalized suggestions for improving the way they move and share their bodies in the space that they are in.

Woman Grateful for Returned Wallet

December 19th 2011

On Friday,Dec 16, 2011 the Ferndale 115 News was contacted by a reader named Erlean Smith, who wanted to share the following message…

Treat Dreams offers Winter Break Ice Cream Camps for kids

December 18th 2011

Treat Dreams is offering two weeks of fun ice cream making Winter Break camps for kids. Students will learn the art of ice cream making and then work together to create two original ice cream flavors that will be sold the following day as part of Treat Dreams’ daily flavors.

Citizens for Quality Schools Meet Tonight to Discuss Bond Issue

December 18th 2011

A group of parents and voters in favor of the upcoming School Bond will be meeting at Drayton Avenue Presbyterian to discuss strategy for getting voters to approve a $22,825,000 bond which will be on the February 28, 2012 ballot. The meeting will be held Sunday, December 18, 2011 at 6:30pm.

Elves Surprise Kindergartners at Roosevelt

December 17th 2011

Elf Crumpet, as the kids know him, was joined by Elf Tiffany for the visit to Roosevelt. Operation Kid Equip has a roster of over 145 volunteers who donate time throughout the year. It takes 7,500 volunteer hours a year to make the program a success.

New Members Learn what the Chamber Can Do

December 17th 2011

“Even members who are really active don’t take advantage of all our services,” Chamber Executive Director Jennifer Roosenberg said. That’s why they host the monthly orientation. In January it will be held on the 13th at 9am.

Police Report: Bogus Robbery Reports Were Drug Deals Gone Bad

December 17th 2011

Investigation revealed that two of the three crimes did not happen as they were reported. One person was arrested for the two robberies. It turned out that the victims were not robbed, but were scammed out of money while attempting to purchase marijuana from the suspect.

Oakland County Democrats Hold Press Conference on PA 5187 (video)

December 15th 2011

HB 5187 has passed both the State House and State Senate, and now only needs Governor Rick Snyder’s signature to become law. If Snyder signs, the bill would reduce the number of County Commissioners in Oakland County from 25 to 21, and remove the authority to draw electoral districts from the current committee to give it to the commission as a whole, putting control in the hands of the majority party.

Police Report: Increased Robberies

December 15th 2011

Unfortunately we have reports of three recent robberies other than the Charter One bank robbery and the Taft School shooting.