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HAZMAT Leak Evacuates Business

January 15th 2012

Workers were evacuated from a business on Hilton on Monday, Jan. 9, 2012 when fumes alerted them to a hazardous chemical leak in the adjacent building. Work at the factory was stopped for the day while the neighbor’s chemical spill was cleaned up, though workers were permitted to go inside to retrieve their belongings once the scene was secure.

David Stanton’s Level One Opening

January 15th 2012

But more likely anyone who looks at the work will come up with their own interpretation. That’s what makes Stanton’s painting so engaging. They aren’t just windows into his own soul, they’re invitations for the viewer to open up their own and maybe let their inner child come out and play for a bit.

NOW Giving Women a Chance to Talk About Choice

January 15th 2012

One way the women are connecting is with a discussion series called “Love Your Mind,” which gives them a chance to talk about issues like self-image, equality, social justice and reproductive rights.

On Wednesday, January 25 the group will host a discussion on articles pertaining to Roe v. Wade, the landmark court case from 1973 that protected a woman’s right to have an abortion.

Police Report: Huntington Bank Robbed

January 15th 2012

The teller gave the thief cash and he fled out of the back door and ran north through the parking lot.

The suspect may have been involved in other robberies. He should be considered armed and dangerous. Anybody with information should contact the Ferndale Police at 248-546-2396

Discussion at FPL Shows History and Causes of Conspiracy Theory

January 15th 2012

Other popular conspiracy theories surround the assignations of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King as well as Area 51 and the belief that aliens or alien technology are housed there, plots by groups like the Illuminati to acquire world power, and the idea that airplanes spread chemical trails to poison Americans.

Lawrence Street Shows Best of the Best

January 15th 2012

During the month of January, the Lawrence Street Gallery is featuring its “Best of the Best” from 2011 – works from those artists who took home prizes in the galleries juried competitions over the year. There were four annual juried shows (invitational, figurative, photography and small works), and the current exhibit features nine of those who placed:

DDA’s Big Annual Planning Meeting on Monday

January 15th 2012

The meeting is from 4-9 pm this coming Monday, Jan 16, 2012, a day set aside on a national level to engage in community service. It will take place at the Kulick Community Center (1201 Livernois).

Engage! Bring your energy, your enthusiasm and your positive attitude and take advantage of this opportunity to make a difference — a difference that starts just by showing up!

2011 Holiday Light Awards Presented

January 15th 2012

The following awards were presented at the Ferndale City Council meeting of Jan. 9, 2012 by Peggy Snow on behalf of the Ferndale Beautification Commission. Each year the Commission takes nominations and typically gives four residential business awards (one from each quadrant of the city), and one commercial.

Clinical Relief Drug Charges Dismissed

January 12th 2012

When the owners of Clinical Relief, formerly located at 362 Hilton, opened in May 2010 they did what they thought they were supposed to. They applied for a business license, they went through the permitting process, had walk-throughs with local police and city officials, and referenced the State’s Medical Marijuana Act and the Oakland County website when creating a business plan they specifically believed complied with the law.

City Seeks CERT Volunteers to Help in Emergencies

January 11th 2012

Fire Chief Kevin Sullivan hopes to get about 30 volunteers to start. An initial organizational meeting will be held on Saturday, Jan. 14 at the Fire Station 1 (1635 Livernois) at 10 am.