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Ferndale Officer Loses 3 Year Old to Drunk Driving Accident…

July 8th 2012

On June 25, 2012, a minivan occupied by Ferndale Police Officer John Cleveland, his wife Jodie, and their three children, Katie, Gavin and Olivia, was struck by a drunk driver. Tragically, Olivia did not survive the accident. She was only 3 years old.

Storm Videos, Pictures and Updates

July 5th 2012

The storms that rocked SE Michigan on July 4, 2012 hit Ferndale particularly hard, first with a massive downpour of hail, then with winds, lightening and rain. As traditionally happens in storms, power goes out and downed power lines are a safety issue.

Hazel Park Promise Zone Gets Grant Money from Walmart

July 3rd 2012

The grant helps secure an additional, matched $100,000 donation from Sutar Sutarek Foundation to ensure college scholarships and college readiness for every high school graduate from Hazel Park High School.

Beware Of Text Message Scammers

July 2nd 2012

“A text message appears on your phone, claiming to be from a local court and telling you that a warrant has been issued for your arrest. But the so – called “court” offers you a way out: you can quash the warrant by calling the number provided and paying $500 by credit card.

Let the Fracking Begin:

July 2nd 2012

The State of Michigan has opened up leases for land to be used for gas and mineral rights, including areas in North Oakland County. The leases do not permit above-ground development, but leaseholders could access gas through sideways drilling or fracking. Oakland County Commissioners Craig Covey, D-Ferndale, and Jim Nash, D-Farmington Hills, have been pushing for the Commission to request a temporary moratorium on fracking in Oakland County until more research can be done on the effects.

Ferndale Recreation Newsletter

July 2nd 2012

Please take a moment to check out our upcoming special events and programs. Online registration is available for may programs or for more information, please contact our office at 248-544-6767.

Keeping Cool

July 1st 2012

Oakland County Health Division cautions residents to protect themselves from heat related illness such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Read to find out how to stay safe, healthy and cool on hot days.

New Public Art Celebrated at ARTWN – The Event (video)

June 30th 2012

“ARTWN is meant to really highlight and showcase the creative culture of downtown Ferndale,” said DDA Director Cristina Sheppard-Decius. “What we’re doing is installing more public art for everyone to enjoy as well as then bringing attention to our businesses and what they are doing

Burglars Busted Trying to Sell Laptop Back to Owner

June 28th 2012

The owner of the computer received a phone call from a man who offered to sell the victim back his computer. This man made arrangements to meet the victim in a parking lot. The victim notified the police and an officer posed as the victim to meet the suspect

Dog Loses Leg to Train, Continues Competitive Jumping

June 28th 2012

Sometimes big spirit comes in small packages. Even before the accident Zeus, a handsome blockhead chocolate lab, was a passionate and loyal dog who would compete in Ultimate Air Dog events. But when the wheels of a freighter train severed his right front leg, the Heideman family had no idea what would become of the family jumping champion.