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Garden Fresh Receives County Proclamation

December 17th 2012

the Oakland County Board of Commissioners recognize and salute Jack and Annette Aronson for promoting Michigan business, for supporting our local economy, for generous giving to charities, for creating healthy new products and for providing jobs for hundreds of our residents in the greatest traditions of the American entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropy.

Three Car Pileup on 9 Mile Near Livernois

December 16th 2012

A rear-ending chain reaction happened on W. 9 Mile near Liverniois at about noon on Sunday, Dec. 16, 2012. It appeared that none of the occupants were severely hurt. Christine Ordell Stokes captured the image of the three-car pileup just after police and fire arrived on the scene.

Superintendent Sends Letter About Connecticut School Shooting

December 14th 2012

Regarding supporting our children: It is essential to listen to their concerns and answer honestly and age appropriately. They need to know they can trust us to tell them the truth. Here are some excellent resources for preparing to talk to children about today’s tragedy. Including:

Police Report: 15 lbs of Pot in Fed Ex Package, Suspects Arrested

December 14th 2012

The caller said that this suspicious activity occurred repeatedly

over past months. He believed drug activity was taking place. Ferndale police responded to the complaint and an officer

spotted the suspect vehicle driving away from the area.

Police Report: Woman Attacked After Leaving Bus

December 14th 2012

She walked north on Livernois for several blocks, then was attacked by the same man she had seen earlier. He grabbed her from behind and began to drag her. The victim had keys in her hand and used them to defend herself by hitting the attacker with the keys.

Police Report: Indecent Exposure on Orchard Street

December 14th 2012

The witness described the suspect as a w/m, 510, 155 lbs with dark hair, dark eyes with a mustache and stubble on his face. She said he was wearing dark clothing and may possibly be of Italian decent.

Ferndale Residents Among Thousands at Lansing Protest

December 12th 2012

The bill makes it harder for workers to organize and fight for workplace rights. Unions represent workers in negotiations with employers and in disputes between employees and their bosses. They also negotiate contracts with employers, establishing employee wages and benefits. And they protect workers from being fired without good cause. They are funded by dues paid by union members, which are often a condition of employment…

Ferndale 115 News Online FOIA Fundraiser

December 10th 2012

So, in order to raise money for these public documents, The Ferndale 115 News is asking readers to step up and help with this expense. We have a Reader Support Program though which readers can buy a $15 Thank You ad. Anyone who contributes $15 or more through our PayPal site gets a one-of-a-kind ad thanking them for their support.

Grant Students Celebrate 50 Years of Clifford

December 10th 2012

Clifford was the runt of a litter of puppies and was chosen by a city child named Emily Elizabeth as her birthday present. No one expected him to grow, but Emily’s love for her tiny red puppy changed him dramatically. Before long, he was over 25 feet

Getting Ready for Kindergarten 2013

December 9th 2012

There are several Kindergarten options in the Ferndale Schools. You’ll have several opportunities to visit and meet with our principals and teachers to determine the best fit for your child…