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Public Hearing Scheduled for Polar Environmental Service

August 29th 2012

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) is holding a public comment period from August 24, 2012, until September 27, 2012, and a public hearing on September 27, 2012, on Polar Environmental Service Corporation’s (PESC) proposed operation of a treatment, storage, and disposal facility for waste oils, water, and coolants that are not hazardous waste. The facility is located at 707 East Lewiston, Ferndale, Michigan.

Avoid Mosquitoes, West Nile Virus Cases on the Rise

August 29th 2012

Most people bitten by a WNV infected mosquito show no symptoms of illness. However, some become sick three to 15 days after exposure. About one-in-five infected persons will have mild illness with fever. About one in 150 infected people will become severely ill.

What is i3 Detroit? (video)

August 27th 2012

Members enjoy helping each other and working together on projects. Some are students who use the machinery to supplement their classroom studies, and others are people who just want to learn new skills without the pressure of tests, grading and tuition fees. People from all levels of skill are welcome, all that is needed is a positive attitude and a willingness to share.

Aug. 2012 Beautification Awards Announced

August 27th 2012

Every month through the summer, The Ferndale Beautification Commission presents awards to residents and businesses that make improvements to their properties. The awards encourage creativity and pride in the community.

Police Report: Suspect Borrowed Phone and Stole it

August 27th 2012

On Saturday, 08/25/12 , at about 9:30 p.m. Ferndale Police arrested two men for stealing a cell phone from a woman at the McDonald restaurant on Woodward. The two suspects (Culberson and Reed) approached two women, engaged them in conversation, and then Culberson asked one of the women (an 18 year old Pontiac woman) if he could use her cell phone to make a call. She handed him her phone, then Culberson and Reed took off running.

Oswald and Cadbury, Bunnies on a Mission

August 25th 2012

“We can go anywhere and it makes people smile,” Miron said. “Earlier today someone stopped us on the street and said ‘thank you, I was having a bad day and this made a difference.'”

The pair even has their own Facebook Page where fans can follow them on their adventures.

Police Report: Officer Hit by Drunk Driver

August 25th 2012

One officer was walking across Breckenridge when a Dodge Durango turned from n.b. Woodward onto e.b. Breckenridge. The Durango headed for the officer who signaled and yelled for the vehicle to stop. The Durango continued and struck the officer.

DPW Director Byron Photiades Retires After 39 Years of Service

August 23rd 2012

“The City appreciates his 39 years of service,” said City Manager April Lynch. “Byron had a lot of pride for the City of Ferndale, and you knew it as soon as you hit our borders. We will be looking at the same quality in our next DPW Director”.

More Room to Revel at DIYSF 2012

August 23rd 2012

“DIYSF, as an event, hit the ground running 5 years ago with threads crisscrossing through it that caught more and more momentum in each passing year. Just as the artists hone their skills we are consistently doing the same,” said Chris Johnston, event founder and co-owner of Woodward Avenue Brewers, The Emory and The Loving Touch establishments near the event site. “I think we’re going to show a lot of people a great time in Ferndale again this September.”

Car Thief Speeds Off, Crashes and Flees with Baby in His Arms

August 22nd 2012

After bringing the car to a stop at 8 Mile / San Juan, Reed then accelerated and sped though Detroit side streets to escape the officer. Reed ran through stop signs, sped, and lost control and crashed at Pennington / Pembroke. When Reed emerged from the car, he was carrying a 21 month old baby boy in his arm. Reed ran from police while carrying the baby.