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2020 Candidate Interview:  David Harrell for County Commission 20th District

June 9th 2020

Challenger David Harrell is unopposed in the Republican Primary. 

Oak Park Protestors Stand with Black Lives Matter

June 8th 2020

“There is so much left to be done, but this is a very important step in the right direction,” Weiss said.

Enough is Enough: Protestors March in Novi and Walled Lake

June 8th 2020

Novi Police had escorted the protestors along East Lake Drive and Walled Lake’s Chief of Police Paul Shakinas was outside to listen to protestors when they got to his front door.

Lake Orion Protest Affirms Black Lives Matter Movement

June 8th 2020

“I would like to see truly equal justice under the law. I think that it has become clear to everyone that there are different rules for those with power and privilege and those without.

2020 Candidate Interview:  Theresa Bills for Groveland Township Treasurer

June 8th 2020

In the race for Groveland Township Treasurer the contenders in the Republican Primary are Theresa Bills and incumbent Shelly Kidd. 

Hundreds March for Justice in Downtown Ferndale

June 7th 2020

The march went through Downtown Ferndale, and ended with a rally in Geary Park.

Royal Oakers Stand Up to Racism

June 7th 2020

Among the organizers of the peaceful protest was Keesha Honeybee,  She not only dennounced the recent violence directed at black American men and women, but also questioned how individuals would proceed with changing the way people of color are treated.

HW Peace, Citizenship and Education Project Demonstrates Against Racism

June 6th 2020

The organization began almost twenty years ago in response to U. S. foreign policy in reaction to the 9/11 event.

How to Take Part in Hazel Park’s Marigold Project

June 6th 2020

  Local residents can register on two different websites to receive free marigold seeds. Each person gets one packet that should contain enough for a small residential garden.

Administration’s COVID Response, Based on Core Values, Has Ferndale Setting the Example

June 5th 2020

Before diving into the decisions, the City Manager shared how important it was that the City’s values be at the core of every decision made, even in times of emergency.