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In the Dales, Talking Taft

November 17th 2012

…over 50 residents, including Digital Learning Center school staff, the school’s police liaison, and Mayor Dave Coulter, attended to hear presentations from Renee Hurd, school improvement Coordinator, Gary Meier, Ferndale school district representative, and Police Chief Tim Collins about school program changes and safety at the high school.

Seeing Red: The Power of Color in Art – Dec. 4

November 17th 2012

Learn about the various ways artists employ color—to grab attention and to evoke happiness, sadness, solemnness and awe, among other emotional responses. This one hour presentation is one of many educational and inspiring events…

OLHSA sells Ferndale Building

November 17th 2012

“The old building just wasn’t the best fit for us, but we can now focus on our strong community partnerships as a tool to better serve our community. Together we can look forward to what that future will bring.”

Holiday Shopping Legal Tips

November 16th 2012

As you are hitting the stores and shopping on the Internet it’s important to be proactive in knowing your legal rights so that your gift giving experiences are filled with merriment versus heartache.

Bike Summit Planned for Dec. 12

November 15th 2012

Complete Streets advocates are carrying on with plans that span several cities in SE Oakland County, with a Bike Summit planned for 7pm on Dec. 12, 2012 at the Royal Oak Public Library (222 East 11 Mile Road, downtown Royal Oak)

Taco Bell Rebuilding in Ferndale x 2

November 14th 2012

The location at 21900 Woodward will be demolished and rebuilt first, from approximately March 2013 to June 2013. The construction at the 1045 West 9 Mile Road location is expected to begin in June when the Woodward location is complete.

Neighborhood Meeting to Discuss Taft/DLC

November 14th 2012

So Piana and others decided to have a neighborhood meeting, which will take place at Taft/DLC on Thursday, Nov. 15 from 6:30-8pm. Any interested resident can come out and meet with Police Chief Timothy Collins, Ferndale Schools Superintendent Gary Meier and members of the School Board to discuss any concerns

City Demolishes Blighted Property on Harris Street

November 13th 2012

Community & Economic Development Director, Derek Delacourt stated that “we hope the demolition of this property and removal of the debris will improve the quality of life for residents impacted by this formerly blighted property.”

The Long and Short of Lines at the Polls

November 13th 2012

To learn more about Michigan’s requirements for conducting elections, visit the State’s page at,4670,7-127-1633_11976—,00.html, and specifically this guide at

Ridge Fine Art Show Nov. 17

November 13th 2012

Customers are encouraged to vote for their favorite artist for a People’s Choice award. The winner receives a cash prize and offer to show again the next year, while the people who voted for the winner get a chance to win one of many donated handmade items.