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Tree Planting Tips and a Future Tree Plan

October 27th 2012

The big question was what types of trees would be appropriate for Ferndale. Cooley said that Maples are by far the most common tree in Ferndale, and that it’s a good idea to diversify. Trees have been lost through entire regions due to things like the Emerald Ash Boar, Gypsy Moth infestations, and Dutch Elm disease and Maples will likely be the next

Mayor Coulter’s Speech for Seniors (video)

October 25th 2012

Mayor Dave Coulter visited the Ferndale Seniors on Oct 24, where he gave them an update on what’s going on around town.

Six People Arrested in Fight at Taft (DLC)

October 25th 2012

Officers had to subdue one student by use of a TASER. Eventually six people were arrested for their involvement in the incident. Five of the males (three 18 years old, two 17 years old) are still in custody and a female (18) has been released pending further investigation.

West Nine Mile Streetscape Project Approved

October 24th 2012

With street and sewer replacements scheduled already, the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and City staff have working to find grants that would allow them to piggy back off the construction project and make the area look better as well.

The project, approved Monday night, will provide several big changes from Planavon to Pinecrest, including:

Police Report: Home Invasion Suspect Arrested in Redford (video)

October 23rd 2012

“The homeowner acted within his rights and will not be charged. A person has the right to defend themselves with deadly force from a burglar entering their home,” Lt. William Wilson said.

Watch the interview with the homeowner below and read our previous story for more details.

Ferndale’s Halloween Events

October 22nd 2012

Here are some of the exciting Halloween activities taking place around town. If you have any to add, please write to us at

ASPCA Releases Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Parents

October 22nd 2012

Attention, animal lovers, it’s almost the spookiest night of the year! The ASPCA recommends taking some common sense precautions this Halloween to keep you and your pet saying “trick or treat!” all the way to November 1.

Speaking of Open Meetings:

October 21st 2012

The public has a right to attend public meetings and to have their voices heard. This can be an intimidating prospect for some people, especially if the rules are not clear or the public body is less welcoming of public input.

Understanding your rights is the first step in making sure you are able to take part in the democratic process. It is also a tool for public officials…

Fido Does Ferndale 2012 (video)

October 19th 2012

Fido Does Ferndale took place on Thursday in Downtown Ferndale. The event kicked off with a musical set by local musician Ryan Dillaha, who was happy to hear the doggies singing along. Then Councilperson Dan Martin and Jerome Raska introduced the event and helped corral the dogs and their leash-holders into formation for the Pooch Parade.

Mom who learned English in Ferndale Honored…

October 19th 2012

The Mui family moved to the US from Hong Kong in 1968, and have been residents of Ferndale for the past 38 years. Karen Fung Ping Mui was a very intelligent, hard working woman who raised six children who adored her.