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Getting Ready for Kindergarten 2013

December 9th 2012

There are several Kindergarten options in the Ferndale Schools. You’ll have several opportunities to visit and meet with our principals and teachers to determine the best fit for your child…

Holiday Recycling and Green Tips

December 9th 2012

As holiday parties and gift-giving approaches, SOCRRA has released a flyer to remind people about some of the common holiday items which can be recycled. The organization collects recycling from several South Oakland communities which benefit from the sale of the recycled materials.

2012 Ferndale Rotary Breakfast

December 9th 2012

The Ferndale Rotary held their annual pancake breakfast on Dec. 8, 2012. The event helped raise money for the many projects Rotary does. In addition to pancakes, breakfast-goers enjoyed a spinach quiche from Dino’s Lounge, sausage from Howe’s Bayou, and strawberry-banana cheesecake from Peteet’s Cheesecake.

Ferndale Recreation December Newsletter

December 9th 2012

Check out some of the great activities happening through Ferndale Recreation!

2012 Holiday Ice & Winterfest Market

December 9th 2012

With activities on both East and West 9 Mile, including a ferris wheel, ice sculptures, a vendor tent, carnival food, the festival is a great way to chase away the rainy day blues. Plus there are many shopping opportunities, which can be a great reminder to support local businesses.

Four Years Later: Justice for Unconstitutional Raid Victims

December 9th 2012

In addition, Judge Roberts found that the police misconduct at the CAID was not an isolated incident, but was in fact part of “a widespread practice” and “custom” by the Detroit Police Department of unconstitutionally “detaining, searching, and prosecuting large groups of persons” and impounding their cars based on their mere presence at a raid location.

End of Prohibition Party Got Jugs Full of Money for Charity

December 8th 2012

The money raised goes to the Ferndale Goodfellows, a longstanding organization that helps needy families in Ferndale at Christmastime. Organized through the Ferndale Fire Department, gifts are collected or purchased for children, including toys and clothing. Families are given food, and Seniors are also presented with presents by the firemen.

Thirsty for Change: Could Oak Park’s Dry Days Be Numbered?

December 8th 2012

Oak Park is one of only four cities in Michigan that are do not permit the sale of liquor in a glass, three of which are in Oakland County according to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission’s Nov. 2012 report.

Accident Flips Vehicle on Woodward

December 8th 2012

At around midnight on Dec. 8 a collision with a Subaru Imperza caused a Ford Fusion to flip over on Woodward in front of Pizza Hut. The Fusion landed upside down, with airbags deployed and only one of their windows broken. The Imperza ended up…

Ferndale Career Center’s Job Flash

December 7th 2012

The Ferndale Career Center is known for connecting individuals to jobs, and companies to employees. Now they are offering a “Job Flash,” which is a list of available positions in the area. This will be updated regularly on their website at Below are some of December’s jobs: