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Oakland County Times provides news without the nonsense, for the sake of local love.

Journalism exists to help people be more informed, inspired, and connected to their communities.

We have done award-winning investigations that challenged systems and changed lives. We have helped build civic engagement, by showcasing the value of community involvement, and by producing hundreds of non-partisan video interviews with candidates for local offices. We have demonstrated the value that comes when communities embrace local journalism.  And there is nothing more rewarding than bringing people together and supporting those who are doing good things.

Oakland County Times believes in quality journalism, useful information, and demonstrating a spirit of curiosity, adventure, and kindness. We avoid sensationalism, clickbait, opinions, and comment sections that spread angst and misinformation.  We do not have fake news headlines or junky paid content mixed in with stories that are valuable to readers.  Also, the reason we exist is to help people and better communities. Doing all the work to produce good information, and hiding it behind a paywall, would break our hearts.  When you support Oakland County Times, you help us keep this site simple, focused, and accessible to all.

We are not here to profit off of divisiveness, or push products or clutter up your day with nonsense.  We are here to prove that quality journalism can make a difference, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Please reach out to Editor and Publisher Crystal Proxmire at editor@oc115.com if you have any story ideas, event info to share, suggestions, news tips, etc.

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