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Doctor Warns Others After Online Romance Scams Use His Identity

February 9th 2021

Year after year I learn that someone has used my images as well as my niece and nephews in fake profiles to lure someone into a romance scam.

Police Warn: Phone Scammers Claim to be From DTE

January 22nd 2021

If you suspect the call may be fraudulent, hang up and call DTE at their toll-free number 800-477-4747. Ask to be connected to a customer service representative and explain to them what occurred.

Atty. General Warns Against COVID-19 Related Scams

December 13th 2020

“Scammers are lurking under every rock and behind every corner waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting people,” said Nessel.

Attorney General Warns of Scams as Stimulus Money Arrives

April 20th 2020

With the widespread knowledge that these relief payments are being dispersed, many who care for or have access to a vulnerable adult may see this as an opportunity to misuse those funds,

State Agencies Warn Against Coronavirus Scams

February 26th 2020

“Do not fall for these scams. In fact, this is the perfect example of criminals preying on people’s fears.”

Attorney General’s Tips on Avoiding Romance-Related Scams

February 13th 2020

“These services along with online shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts come with risks and can lead to heartache, financial ruin and even unsuspecting criminal activity.

Sheriff Warns of Jury Duty/IRS Scams

December 29th 2019

“No law enforcement agency will make intimidating phone calls and demand money from citizens,” said Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard.

Reporter Food: Escamilla Amigos in Ortonville

June 14th 2019

Reporter Food: Escamilla Amigos in Ortonville Ortonville, MI – A recent visit to NE Oakland County gave me the chance to add Escamilla Amigos to our list of Oakland County restaurants. Escamilla Amigos is a family-owned cafe with authentic Mexican fare. I picked up a chicken quesadilla, made on the most amazing homemade tortillas. The […]

Wixom Police Warn Businesses of Tool Borrowing Scam

December 12th 2018

Wixom Police Warn Businesses of Tool Borrowing Scam Wixom, MI- Public Safety Director Ron Moore issued a warning to Wixom area businesses regarding a recent scam. “It has come to my attention that some crooks are attempting to commit fraud on unsuspecting business owners and representatives,” Moore said.  “This is the essence of the scam.  […]

Royal Oak Cops and Doughnuts Presentation on Avoiding Scams Oct. 2

September 14th 2018

Royal Oak Cops and Doughnuts Presentation on Avoiding Scams Oct. 2 Royal Oak, MI – The Royal Oak Crime Prevention Council is hosting a neighborhood meeting with the Dept. of Attorney General on Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 6:30pm. Don Ferguson will present phone, mail and e-scams. You will learn the telltale signs of scams, along […]