Reporter Food: Sunday Brunch at The Holly Hotel

Reporter Food: Sunday Brunch at The Holly Hotel

(Crystal A. Proxmire, April 14, 2021)

Holly, MI – The Holly Hotel is known for their rich and indulgent meals, and their four course Sunday brunch is certainly no exception.  Leisurely tasting your way through a series of delightful dishes is a luxurious way to have long conversations with friends and take in the beautiful Victorian setting.

A friend and I started out with Peach Belinis, fizzy sweet drinks made of champagne, peach liquor, and peach puree to accompany the first course of a scone and a muffin served with creamy whipped butter. These fresh baked goodies were followed up with a plate of “meze” that included duck liver pate, a nice big piece of poached gulf shrimp, crackers, a dollop of cocktail sauce, and a bite of farmhouse cheese.

The second course is where the creative options started.  Among the choices not taken were lox and charcuterie, Angus beef tips, and classic eggs benedict.  My brunch buddy was thrilled with their “Holly Hotel” style biscuits and gravy. This was a soft cheddar biscuit topped with a white peppercorn gravy made with ground pork and boar.

I had the roasted duck and waffles, an unlikely pair that was brought together by the sweet and succulent flavors of figs and smoked bacon gravy.  The duck meat nearly melted with the richness of the fat and the sweet goodness of the syrup.  It was an amazing combination.

For the third course we considered such dishes as blueberry French toast, curried duck salad, and Atlantic salmon.  But my friend ended up with the bacon and brie frittata with kale, and I also had something wonderful – Gruyere and egg.  This was an egg inside a puff pastry along with creamy Gruyere cheese and ham, and topped with Bearnaise sauce.  Words can’t even describe how fun this was to slice open and see the insides, or how perfect of a breakfast food this creation was.

The final course of the Sunday Brunch feast is desert and as with the others there were many options.  I had a piece of cake topped with fresh raspberries, while my friend had cake swirled with chocolate and topped with chocolate syrup.

In true Holly Hotel fashion, the meal was a wonderful experience.  The menu items change regularly, but the quality and creativity are always part of the menu.  Reservations can be made online.

Holly Hotel is a longtime sponsor of this website, and I’ve been happy to do a few Reporter Food stories at Holly Hotel over the years.  Check out previous posts: Chicken Strudel, Beef Wellington, Witches’ Luncheon (special event), Tenderloin and Tea, Queen Anne Tea

Holly Hotel is located at 110 Battle Alley in Downtown Holly.  Check out their website:


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