Reporter Food – The Burger Joint in Downtown Milford

Reporter Food – The Burger Joint in Downtown Milford

(Crystal A. Proxmire, March 1, 2021)

Milford, MI – The Burger Joint in Downtown Milford has a few wonderful things going for it.

The first is that their burgers are absolutely amazing. The second is that their menu makes building a burger a fun and creative process. And the third is they have an atmosphere that is aimed at delighting their visitors.

For the burgers, one may chose between chuck, tom, cluck, bean, or Piedmont. Then you pick the cheese, the veggies, the bun, the sauces and the add-ons.

My custom built Piedmont was topped with bleu cheese, burnt onions, pickle slices, and a fried egg on this amazing, buttery ciabatta bread. I enjoyed this flavorful feast with a side of mac and cheese and a strawberry malt.

Other topping options include mushrooms, ghost pepper cheese, green olives, onion rings, bacon, and sauces like pesto, bbq, and ranch. Factor in the variations in bun styles – including brioche, pretzel, and gluten free – and there are tons of fun sandwiches just waiting to be built. And devoured.

The menu also includes a list of specialty burgers for those who want easier choices, such as the Mac N Cheese Burger, and the Use It or Bleus It featuring bleu cheese and bacon.

As far as the atmosphere, that was pretty cool too, with a giant print of Samuel L. Jackson biting into a tasty burger in the classic movie Pulp Fiction posted near the register, and a pink-scarfed unicorn stationed near the doorway. It’s the kind of place with lots to look at, which made me regret having ordered my burger to go. But I don’t think I can forget how great that burger is, so I’m sure I’ll be back.

The Burger Joint is located at 312 N. Main Street in Downtown Milford.  Find them online at


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