2020 Election Results (in progress)


2020 Election Results (in progress)

(Nov. 4, 2020)

Oakland County, MI – Oakland County Times will update Election Results here as we are able.

For the quickest results in local elections, visit the Oakland County Clerk’s Election Page.

President (awaiting results)

US Senator (awaiting results)

Congress 8th District (awaiting results)

Congress 9th District (awaiting results)

Congress 11th District (awaiting results)

Congress 14th District (awaiting results)

County Executive David Coulter

Prosecutor Karen McDonald

Sheriff Michael Bouchard

Clerk and Register of Deeds Lisa Brown

Treasurer Robert Wittenberg

Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash

Here are the winners of the State Representative Seats:

26th Jim Ellison -D

27th Regina Weiss- D

29th Brenda Carter – D

35th Kyra Harris Bolden -D

37th Samantha Steckloff – D

38th Kelly Breen – D

39th Ryan Berman – R

40th Mari Manoogian – D

41st Padma Kuppa – D

43rd Andrea Schroeder – R

44th Matt Maddock – R

45th (awaiting results)

46th (awaiting results)

51st Mike Mueller – R

Here are the winners of County Commission seats:

1st Mike Gingell – R

2nd Bob Hoffman – R

3rd Michael Spisz – R

4th Karen Joliat – R

5th Kristin Nelson – D

6th Eileen Kowall – R

7th Christine Long -R

8th Phil Weipert – R

9th Gwen Markham – D

10th Angela Powell – D

11th Thomas Kuhn – R

12th Chuck Moss – R

13th Marcia Gershenson – D

14th William Miller – D

15th Adam Kochenderfer – R

16th Penny Luebs – D

17th Yolanda Charles – D

18th Charlie Cavell – D

19th Dave Woodward – D

20th Gary McGillvray – D

21 Janet Jackson – D

Across Oakland County, voters elected District Court Judges.

In the 35th District, Jim Plakas was re-elected.

In the 43rd District, Brian Harwell won to retain his seat on the 43rd District Court. Hartwell was appointed earlier this year when the former judge resigned. Hartwell got 15,356 votes, beating Kelly Collins who had 10,178 votes.

In the 45th District Court the incumbent was not running again. In this race Jaimie Powell Horowitz got 11,795 votes, beating Brenda Richard who had 8.725 votes.

In the 46th District Shelia Johnson was re-elected. In the 47th District, Judge James Brady retained his seat against opponent Matt Savich. Savich had 9,291 votes compared to Brady’s 28,415.

In the 48th District Court Judge Kimberly Small was re-elected. In the 50th District Judge Cynthia Walker beat challenger Michael Martinez.

In the 51st District Court Richard Kuhn Jr was re-elected.

In the 52nd Judges Travis Reeds, Joseph Fabrizo, Julie Nicholson, and Maureen McGinns were all re-elected.

Results are not yet in for the 67th District 4th Division.

In Holly Township Supervisor George Kullis is retaining his seat, as is Clerk Karin Winchester, and Treasurer Mark Freeman. For Holly Township Trustee, Derek Burton and Steve Ruth are elected. For the Parks Commission, the six candidates listed on the ballot have made it in, as well as a write in candidate who has not yet been announced. The commissioners will be Courtney Coster, Donna McBride, Karrigan Roche, Shawn Grugel, Joe Hutchins, and Kathleen Martin. The Library Board race will be determined by write in votes that are not yet announced, although April Brandon who was on the ballot is a sure winner.

In the Village of Holly, Thomas McKenny retains his seat as Village President. Council members elected are incumbent Debra Musgrave, Ryan Delaney, and Jim Perkins. Buster Winebrenner also will be on the council, having won the partial term seat ending Nov. 22, 2022. Voters rejected a Charter Amendment that would have increased the rate of pay for elected officials.

For all local election results, visit the Oakland County Clerk’s Election Page.  Thank you to Private Literacy Tutoring for sponsoring our election coverage.


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