Barricaded Suspect in Hazel Park, Resident Live Stream Shows SWAT Activity UPDATED

Barricaded Suspect in Hazel Park, Resident Live Stream Shows SWAT Activity

(Crystal A. Proxmire, Sept. 19, 2020)

Hazel Park, MI – Hazel Park Police and members of the Oakland County SWAT Team have surrounded a home on W. Harry in Hazel Park, and are urging the man inside to come out with his hands up. UPDATE – The man is accused of knocking on his female room mate’s bedroom door while armed with a long gun, demanding to have sex with her.  The woman called the police and ran out to a waiting squad car before dawn. The man would not come out to speak with officers and the SWAT team was called in due to firearms in the home.

Police have been calling the man by name and stating that they have his medication.

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the SWAT Team is there with negotiators for a barricaded suspect, but is not releasing other details at this time, including what he is suspected of.  The situation has been ongoing since at least 7am.

As of noon officers were still surrounding the home.   An officer was on the speaker repeating their request.  “At this time we need you to exit the home through the front door with your hands up sir. We know you’re in there. We need you to exit the home sir.” they said.

At 12:05pm an announcement was made stating “Neighbors, please stay in your home and shelter in place at this time.” They added that if people have basements they should go to them.

At about 3:30pm officers were seen approaching the home.  City Manager Ed Klobucher posted on social media at 4:48pm “I would like to thank the Hazel Park Police Department, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department, the Hazel Park Fire Department, and the Ferndale Police Department for their outstanding work in resolving the barricaded gunman situation on W. Harry Street. The suspect was successfully taken into custody thanks to the courage, patience, and professionalism of these outstanding first responders.

UPDATE – Oakland County Sheriff’s Office stated “After a Hazel Park man threatened a woman in his house with a shotgun she was able to get out and he barricaded himself in the home. He fired shots after the police perimeter was set. After many hours of trying to talk to him, our SWAT team made entry and took him into custody with thankfully no injuries to anyone. Great teamwork with our partners at Hazel Park Police.

Neighbor Phil Carbon has been livestreaming the activity. His video is below.  The commentary is his own and not this publication’s.


Posted by Phil Carbon on Saturday, September 19, 2020

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.


Posted by Phil Carbon on Saturday, September 19, 2020

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