Female-Centric “Chair Gang” Comedy Series Aiming for Hulu, Needs Online Votes

Female-Centric “Chair Gang” Comedy Series Aiming for Hulu, Needs Online Votes

(Lara Mossa, Jan. 10, 2020)

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI –It starts as a slow day at the beauty shop. The crew of female hair stylists talks about playing UNO or Skip Bo to pass the time.  Bree files her nails.  But moments of such quiet are rare, especially for The Chair Gang.

The locally-produced web series Chair Gang invites viewers into the fictional Ebberts Salon and Spa for what producer April Washko calls a “Mocumentary,” now in it’s third season. The series pokes fun at the customer experiences, the interpersonal drama, and surprises that can happen in a salon

“It is a comedy that steps into the personal and professional lives of the stylists there.  You get a firsthand, in-depth look at not only the salon and these characters but the service industry and having to deal with the public,” says Washko who writes and acts in the program.

There are anywhere from four to eight characters in each episode of the Chair Gang, which started filming in 2016.  And of course each has a quirky personality and dramatic backstory.  The show is definitely not made for children, with titles like “What the Fuck Just Happened,” “The Bitch, the Queen & Everything In-Between,” and “Lots of Boob Sweat.” While the show does focus on the humor, it also raises awareness of things women experience on the job and in personal lives.

“I think it’s unique,” Washko said.  “It is relatable. It is an accurate reflection of a woman’s workplace, specifically since it’s all women. It’s a very accurate reflection of a hair salon – things people never imagine happen.”

New episodes are uploaded on the CHAIR GANG Facebook page and YouTube every Wednesday night. The new season began Jan. 1 and will run about 26 weeks. Each program is approximately 15 to 20 minutes long, and the series offers bonus content after the season ends.

Washko worked in the salons for several years as a licensed cosmetologist. With hopes of becoming a professional actress, she worked in California, trying to get a foot in the door of show business. But even though she had auditions, she faced harassment and a lack of substantial female characters to play, she said.

“Doing hair wasn’t getting me where I wanted,” she said. “And I didn’t want to do hair forever.”

So she came back to the Metro Detroit area to start her own business and produce her own webshow.

“I was really looking at my options, and I had tried a lot of stuff,” she said. “I went on projects and produced and learned as much as I could about being behind the scenes. My ultimate goal was to be an actor and make a living.”

She has other projects and is working on getting the program on a bigger platform like Hulu. She has had some offers already, she said, but wants to maintain creative freedom. Right now, fans on the Facebook page can vote for the program to put it on Hulu’s radar, she said, adding that the show will be considered if it garners at least 100 votes.

“I’m not just selling this,”Washko said. “I want a network to partner with me and make it an original series for them and not replace the cast.”

With the majority of all media consumed by women, her dream is to provide viewers with an all-female comedy cast.

“I will not give up until it happens for me. With that passion and not having another way in, my only option was to create my own content and, thank goodness, the Internet made that possible.”


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