Garbage Truck vs. Speed Boat: Watch Ferndale Trash Collectors Crush It (video)

Garbage Truck vs. Speed Boat: Watch Ferndale Trash Collectors Crush It (video)

Ferndale, MI- It was not a typical morning for a pair of trash collectors in Ferndale, as a resident had a special request – removal of a 12 ft. fiberglass speedboat.

Jeff LeClaire had two similar boats, and had stripped one of the seats and other parts.  Last week he stopped the trash collectors at the curb and asked them how small he would have to break the boat up in order for them to take it.

For the men of Car’s Trucking Inc, who are contracted to pick up trash from the city, the boat was an exciting challenge.  “They said they could make it fit, not to break it up,” LeClaire said.  “I was like, okay, but they did it!”

The men tried pushing the boat in through the back, however when the compressor went down, the boat would raise up and pop back. At one point it popped out and flew several feet into the middle of the road.

The men ended up flipping the boat upside down, and using LeClair’s van to hold it in place so the front end could be chomped off.  Once the hull was gone, the rest of the boat was devoured in less than ten minutes.

According to the City of Ferndale website, residents can throw out bulk items such as hot water tanks, refrigerators, and furniture.  It does not specifically mention speed boats, but at least residents now know that the trucks can handle them.


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